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  • Plea Bargain Case

    The Legal system can be incus lice of a Plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement reached between the prosecutor and defendant, where the defendant agrees to plead hilt, in return for something beneficial to the defendant, such as a reduced sentence. (Plea Bargain) This essay will include a plea offer from the procurer’s office, a counter offer from the defense council, and discuss the role of the Judge in plea bargain cases. It will also include what factors contributed to the plea offer and justification to the offer. A significant amount of information required before a plea bargain can be offered. To offer such a plea, the following scenario is being created, to fill in gaps of missing information, understand the defendant’s history and offer what is appropriate for the totality of circumstances and facts. Mario: a person who has previously been arrested for possession of a dangerous drug, on two separate occasions, has again been arrested fir DUI .08 or above and possession of a dangerous drug. For the sake of argument, it has been determined that Mario did not exceed the threshold, for methamphetamine, which is 9 grams, he was in possession of 4 grams of the drug. With consideration of all facts and circumstances, if: • The defendant will waive the right to a jury trial and his right to appeal. • The defendant will waive…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plea Bargain

    justice system is plea bargaining. According to Jus 505 lecture (2011), a plea bargain is when a defendant pleads guilty to their offence to receive a less harsh punishment. There has been much controversy over this procedure due to its ethical and legal implications. In a very controversial case, Supreme Court ruling in U.S. v. Ruiz, 536 U.S. 622 (2002), it was expressed that to receive a plea agreement, the defendant waives the right to know all evidence against him. This…

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  • Plea Bargain Advantages

    A plea bargain is when the defendant in a criminal trial agrees to plead guilty in the exchange of a lesser sentence or to have other charges dropped. In theory, a plea bargain is a way to speed up the courtroom process. When applied correctly plea bargains are excellent tools within the criminal justice system. Incorrectly used judgment is cast down from those outside of the criminal justice system. Thus, it is imperative that all actors in the criminal justice and court systems use plea…

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  • Role Of Coercion In Plea Bargains

    The use of coercion in plea bargains is constitutional according to the Supreme Court. Since plea-bargains for drug courts involve a greater need of coercion than normal court process due to the limited options available, it is considered a leveraging power to help drug users take advantage of the necessary treatment provided. However, the excessive use of coercion has led to many drug offenders entering treatment that are considered understaffed and over capacity (Parsons & Wei, 2015). The…

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  • Plea Bargains In Law Enforcement

    Being in law enforcement for several years I come across several suspects and defendants who expresses the criminal justice process moves like a snail and is always unpredictable. Imagine if a significant amount of cases was going to trial instead of over 90% of felony cases are plea bargained (Bohm, R., Haley, K.,n.d). Nevertheless, there are three types of plea bargains and prosecutors tend to have factors to decide if the plea bargain is in the best interest or what’s the better plea…

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  • Plea Bargaining In The Criminal Justice System

    The Nature of Plea Bargaining in the American Criminal Justice System Many conceptualize the American criminal justice system as consisting of trials where prosecutors and defense attorneys argue over the defendant’s innocence. However, the truth is that the traditional court norm of a full-fledged trial is becoming increasingly rare as time goes on. As the population grows, more court cases will naturally enter the court system. However, with only a miniscule amount of judges to preside over…

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  • Essay On Plea Bargain

    severity of the charges, etc. In order for the plea to be valid the defendant has to plea guilty in open court before a judge. “About 95 percent of all criminal convictions are the result of guilty pleas rather than trials, so prosecutors offer bargains in nearly every case”("Plea Bargain"). A plea bargain is a simple process, and there are many different reasons for people to take it. The prosecutor often offers the defendant a plea bargain, from that point, Judge Peter Messitte makes that…

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  • Plea Bargain Essay

    The Plea Frontline’s feature The Plea focuses on the incredibly popular and sometimes overlooked aspect of court, the plea bargain. Author Douglas Guidorizzi quotes Black’s Law Dictionary when providing the best definition of a plea bargain but a summary of that definition will suffice. The plea bargain, in short, is an agreement made between the defense and the prosecutor in a criminal case (if approved by the court) where the defendant usually pleads guilty to a lesser offense or to only some…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Plea Bargain

    A plea bargain is a procedure that prosecutors use to avoid a trial as juries or even judges can be unpredictable in their behavior and may rule against them. Prosecutors like sure things as does the State and a plea bargain gains an admission of guilt without the right to an appeal in exchange for leniency. However, a plea bargain may induce prosecutors to over-charge a suspect in an attempt to bully them into gaining a plea bargain. Plea bargains are also not conducted in open court so there…

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  • Plea Bargain: A Case Study

    • Criminal defendants are lead to believe that accepting the terms of a plea agreement will be a cost effective decision. The pressure of facing a costly trial leaves those innocent or partially innocent vulnerable and willing to accept the terms of a plea bargain. Criminal defendants who commit crimes typically are minor’s, ages raging from 25 and below. Therefore, the pressure of facing a costly trial leaves those innocent or partially innocent vulnerable and willing to accept the terms of a…

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