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  • Social Criticism In Red Oleanders By Rabindranath Tagore

    Abstract: The play “Red Oleanders” is first written in Bengali language under the title “RaktaKarabhi”. Tagore conveys the message that the Utilitarian approach and vast industrialization throughout the world would resulting in diminishing human compassion and cause Ecological Imbalance.So he used characters as a metaphor of human instincts such as greed, power, envy, love, trust, and sacrifice. The play Red oleanders is a One-act play which follows the Aristotle’s rules. He fallow’s three unities (unity of time, action and place). All the action in the play take place in the King’s Palace and the play starts and ends within a day.Nandhini is the major character in the play. She is considered as the mouth piece of Tagore. She has every quality…

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  • My Observation Into The Classroom

    conducting my observation I also observed that when a conflict arose with C.P. most of the times it was not addressed by any of the staff members. Most of the time there busy trying to assist other children with challenging behaviors. • What might you be able to infer about the child’s play from what you observed? Based on the observations I have gathered C.P. seems to be the leader in several activities. C.P. had a difficult time resolving interpersonal conflicts. “Children need to learn how…

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  • Definition Essay: The Sport Of American Football

    can play it, and an even smaller portion can truly be successful at it.The sport in question is the game of American football. A large majority of people only see football as a game and that’s it.Yes, it is a game, but it is far more than that. It is life rolled up into a game of inches. Just like life, there are no short cuts in football. It is either all about the grind or nothing at all. The people who put in the work shine and are glorified. The people who are slackers will quickly…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Basketball Experience

    I was influenced to play basketball by a junior high teacher when I was in 5th grade. Mrs. Hamm asked me every morning before school if I was going to play basketball, some days I would just say I wasn't sure, but then as I thought about trying a new sport, my answers started becoming, "Heck yeah!" In 5th grade, basketball was this unknown sport that I didn't really know much about. I had played basketball video games, but never the real game. I was excited, but really nervous to play. I got…

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  • Personal Narrative-I Anticipate In Football

    concussion before our first game and after returning from my concussion I would get another one the very next day. So I ended up quitting football and tried out for track. I loved it at first but I was taking medicine to help my acne and one of the side effects was joint pain I pushed through it until it became unbearable and I went to the doctors they got me off of it but the pain was still there. So I ended up leaving track and just being a normal student. Over…

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Ole Miss Soccer Player

    As he approached, the more I realized it was Coach Mott, the head coach of Ole Miss. While befuddled, I responded, “Hey, Coach!” He then remarked, “You are an exceptional player and after camp I would like you to call me.” He distributed his number to me, and I proceeded to pace to my car. The next day I nervously called Coach Mott. He informed me that he watched me play for years and seen tremendous growth. We then confirmed my unofficial visit, where I toured the facilities and Ole Miss…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About My First Experience In Football

    expectations for this season were not high. I was expecting to play freshman ball, but I was to be proven wrong. I walked down and into to the locker for the first time of my life, and at this time we had a freshman team and we were locating the locker room. The freshman locker room was small and packed because we had about 15 kids. There was a lot of speculation if there was even going to be a team. We did not practice a lot because we could not practice with varsity without parent consent.…

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  • Why Football Is Important To Me Essay

    I still clearly remember the ever so familiar screech of the whistle from coach Edwards. Playing football was always something I wanted to do, but I never thought that I would be able to physically compete with the other kids. I finally decided to go through with my endeavour in the 7th grade. I vividly remember putting on my pads and helmet for the first time on a warm mid-August day. My nerves were radiating off of me as I stepped on to the field for the first time with my fellow teammates.…

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  • Narrative Essay On Transition Soccer

    child. He had short blonde hair standing up like the turf of the field. His body type was one of a soccer player, lean, light, but strong. He had come to one of our practices the year before to see us play. He stood next to my two old coaches. We were playing a short fields scrimmage. I was on the blue team. He stood to the sideline leaning on his right leg. He had his arms crossed, just observing the play. The way my coaches and him were laughing, I thought he was going to be a great coach for…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Addiction To Volleyball

    For three years, my addiction to volleyball became apparent. Playing in tournaments, leagues, and local scrimmages as much as possible, it was clearly an addiction. The adrenaline involved in tight matches, the split second decisions that decided whether you would win the next point or lose it. Those were things that kept me coming back for more. One of the leagues I had been participating in for at least 3 years was the Adult Volleyball Co-ed League in McAllen. The last 2 years, team TCB…

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