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  • Love Is A Mix Love Tape Summary

    I have heard talk that a playlist will always feel polished and clean and intentional and that they will never have the gritty, in the moment feel that a cassette mix has. My response to that claim is that about 1/3 of the files contained on my personal playlists are either leaked or live recordings of unreleased material. In the same way you could go and buy a nice clean album on a cassette in the 90’s I can do the same online today, so why would I take time to include a common, and easily found file on a unique playlist? One of the comments Sheffield makes about why he likes a mix tape is that its a very active process, you have to be actively listening to the radio and ready to hit record to get the song you want. I have no equivalent in my modern playlisting habits, the process has changed, the challenge has changed. Instead of having an single, tiny, microscopic feed of music on the radio, I have the entirety of all the music, sound clips and pieces of dialogue that have ever been uploaded to the internet at…

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  • Playlist: Song Analysis

    • This playlist is aimed to assist removing a person from a negative headspace or despondence, lacklustre feelings to a buoyant, motivated state. Music with a slow rhythm begins the playlist to draw out negative emotions, and then transitions into songs of a combined jauntier and sombre note as a bridge between the first and last songs. Finally, it concludes with songs with a faster rhythm, crying out voices, primarily used as a cathartic headspace. Primarily, by enveloping themselves into these…

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  • Spooky Playlist Analysis

    After some rewatching of Extra Credits' Spooky Playlist, I've thought of a idea. The main idea is merely a symbolic sound, reaching with the psychological trees they stated (Self, Uncanny, Other)... Everyone is familiar with certain machinery or instruments making music, having a liking of a genre or 2+, and overall other things in their life. The way I think this would be different from other Ambient works is that it's more than sound patterns and such that inflict emotional manipulation, but…

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  • Leadership Playlist Sample

    Leadership Playlist EDL 652 - Natalie Priester Natalie Priester Beginning next month, I will begin my twelfth year of teaching but my first year teaching English 7 at Pinacate Middle School in Perris Union High School District (PUHSD). I chose to relocate and join the staff at PUHSD because they have a strong commitment to technology which is named Scholar+, strong leadership, and diverse student and teacher demographics (and it doesn 't hurt that my boyfriend is a teacher there and it is…

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  • Space Travel Persuasive Speech

    Stacey: Want to go to the Moon this weekend? I heard they are having some music festival there. Let’s take a trip to space! You: Which moon? Stacey: Ours. I heard Beyonce will be there! You: OMG! Yaaassss! Let’s go! Trip to Space Blue Origin, an aerospace company, released a video that showed a stunning view of the private space trips they plan to offer. The company’s Chief of Mission Assurance and former NASA astronaut, Jeff Ashby, talk about the life changing experience it will be and…

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  • Don T Stop Listening: A Song Analysis

    It has been generally accepted that listening to music can improve mental health as it has the ability to divert us from stress by promoting positive state of mind (MacDonald & Wilson, 2014). In the society we currently live in, the self-awareness of most people is diminishing progressively since individuals are often overwhelmed with works and other activities, reducing the time spent for themselves. We often fail to realize that time for ourselves is essential since it would reboot our brain,…

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  • Spotify Argumentative Analysis

    In 2011, the way Americans listen to music was changed forever when the music-streaming service, Spotify was released. The name Spotify was created from the combination of the words “Spot” and “Identify”. Created in Sweden, the service has a free option. As defined by Techopedia, “Spotify is a new digital music service that enables users to remotely source millions of different songs on various record labels from a laptop, smartphone or other device”. In general, Spotify allows the user to…

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  • Symbolic Interactionism Report

    Symbolic interactionism explains that our society revolves around symbols and without these symbols our social life would be nonexistent, “We would not know to whom we owe respect and obligations, or from whom we can expect privileges – two elements that lie at the essence of human relationships.” (Henslin Pg 23). Before mid-nineteenth century, the symbol of marriage was associated with obligation and duty due to the fact women could not independently support themselves. But as society…

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  • Pluto Research Papers

    ( by Kelly Rowland 4. Break the Ice ( by Britney Spears 5. Ice Ice Baby ( by Vanilla Ice 6. Let It Go ( by Idina Menzel 7. Chills ( by Fatty Koo 8. Ice Cream Freeze ( by Hannah Montana 9. Hell Could Freeze…

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  • African American Spiritual Beliefs

    Spirituals highlighted the way to freedom. Therefore, spirituals were used as a way to help slaves with the underground railroad. Songs such as the “Drinking Gourd” (See Playlist), referred to the big dipper, which if a slave followed it would lead them to the north for freedom. Or if people song, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” (See Playlist), this would refer to the underground railroad, which was a code for people who were safe to trust during the journey to freedom. Also, songs such as, “Steal…

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