Summary Of Ichabod Crane's Playlist

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Cordell Winward

The songs on Ichabod Crane’s playlist would have songs about being ravenous, superstitious, and smart. The first song on his playlist is “Just Eat It” by “Weird Al” Yankovic. Washington Irving wrote “The revenue arising from his school was scarcely sufficient to furnish him with daily bread bread, for he was a huge feeder…” (18). “Weird Al” Yankovic sings about this with being ravenous with these lyrics “So eat it, just eat it/ Have some more chicken/ Have some more pie/ Open up your mouth and feed it/ Have some more yogurt/ Have some more Spam/ Have a banana, have a whole bunch/ It doesn’t matter what you had for lunch/ Have a big dinner.” Based on the previous text evidence Ichabod Crane will eat a lot of food. The second

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