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Leadership Playlist
EDL 652 - Natalie Priester

Natalie Priester
Beginning next month, I will begin my twelfth year of teaching but my first year teaching English 7 at Pinacate Middle School in Perris Union High School District (PUHSD). I chose to relocate and join the staff at PUHSD because they have a strong commitment to technology which is named Scholar+, strong leadership, and diverse student and teacher demographics (and it doesn 't hurt that my boyfriend is a teacher there and it is twenty minutes from our new house). Aside from teaching, I am heavily involved in the edtech community. I present for EdTechTeam GAFE Summits, CUE Tech Fairs, CUE Rockstar Camps, and maintain a strong circle of friends/personal learning network (PLN) of
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Before joining this program, I planned to be a teacher-leader for the duration of my career. However, when my district 's leadership made a series of decisions that alienated the partners/stakeholders on my campus, decreased our enrollment, and dismantled our behavior plan, I decided that I needed to at least learn more in order to support my students. Around the time this program began, one of my mentors kindly nudged me into presenting at a summit. Over the past year, I have combined the knowledge and skills gained by these experiences to realize that I actually want to continue to learn to help students and teachers at my school, across Southern California, the country, and …show more content…
"Movin ' Right Along" by The Muppets represents and inspires me. The first verse sings,
Movin ' right along in search of good times and good news,
With good friends you can 't lose,
This could become a habit
Opportunity knocks once let 's reach out and grab it (yeah)
Together we 'll nab it
I know that my role as an educational leader is completely connected to my friends/PLN. We learn together, teach together, and just play together. People are the highlight of every conference, edcamp, or class I attend. I value hearing others ' experiences, sharing ideas when appropriate, receiving feedback, and engaging in deep conversations about the future of education, so much that I have begun to integrate opportunities for these conversations into my sessions. These conversations often lead to collaboration and ongoing mutual support, which is also highlighted in the song,
Getting there is half the fun, come share it with me
Movin ' right along
We 'll learn to share the load
We don’t need a map to keep this show on the road
I am very proud and grateful that I am part of a network of educators working together to improved

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