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  • The Fear Of Fear

    You know the feeling you get when you are faced with your worst fear? Weather it is a spider or being held at gun point it is sheer terror in your eyes. This is how my day would start every morning since I was twelve. I would feel as though I were being chased by a 300 pound bear, everything seemed ten times worse in my eyes, everything was terrifying. "An abnormal and overwhelming sense of apprehension and fear often marked by physiological signs by doubt concerning the reality and nature of the threat, and by self-doubt about one 's capability to cope with it." Webster likes to refer to this as anxiety disorder, I prefer to call it my monster. I was a prey to a monster called anxiety. Anxiety feels as though you are drowning and are unable to swim to the surface become you are bound by the ankles with weights. It limited my ability to be a normal teenager, to hang out with my friends, and have fun at my senior prom, or even go out on a date. I was often the quiet girl in the back of the class or the wall flower at school functions. Rather than having a good time with my friends I was forced to play a dangerous game called anxiety, in which…

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  • The Fear Of Fear

    Fear is a displeasing emotion that is caused by the thought that something or someone dangerous is a threat or believed to cause pain. We all show fear in our own way. Everybody is afraid of something. Rather it’s a phobia or a natural fear. No one takes joy in this emotion. A huge question is does fear change with age, and how do we overcome it? When we are afraid we go in a flight or fight mode. Meaning that we are ready to take down the object that is frightening us or were about to run…

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  • Speech On Fear Of Fear

    because of fear. Fear, well, what fear? It is the fear of failure. We fear that without an education, we wouldn’t be able to get a proper, good-paying job, despite the fact that we constantly complain about how boring school actually is and whine when piled under mountains of homework and assignments. You’d rather be anywhere but here, and you are always free to leave - but you don’t. In fact, you are free to make your own decisions in life, but then again, they all have consequences. You have…

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  • What Is The Fear Of Fear Essay

    The fears I face I face at least one fear a day. My biggest fear would have to be hospitals and needles; sadly I’ve seen a lot of those lately. Learning to face those fears is something that I’ve always had a hard time doing. Doctors tell me that my fear should lessen as I get older but I see it staying the same or getting worse. Fears I feel are something that everyone has. It may be the simple fear of clowns or something serious like dying. I’ve had the same two fears since I started…

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  • Fear, Lead To The Importance Of Fear

    feeling of “fear”. It’s a word that triggers different emotions within…

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  • The Fear Of Fears In The Salem Witch Trials

    Why do we as a people fear monsters and similar entities? Throughout history people have created stories centered around monsters who would terrorize communities. These stories would be used to rationalize findings they couldn’t understand. These monsters were used to rationalize dieses, deaths and many other occurrences. These monsters still persist in stories today because over time they would evolve past what they stood for and would become symbols of our primal fears. There are many monsters…

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  • The Fear Of Fear In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    Fear is the unpleasant feeling when a person feel like an impending force of danger is coming. This is a feeling that no one wants to receive from their peers. Despite the fact that this feeling is wanted, there are many people abuse this power. Why? Simply because it is a one of the best source for the bullies used to motivate people to do their bidding. Fear can comes in many shapes. One of the best shown fears are illustrated in the play “Crucible”. This play is about a group of girls who…

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  • Addiction To Fear: Fear, A Way Of Life

    Fear is the one emotion that can take something so good and poison it. As humans, we are afraid of anything that is unknown to us. When we have the choice between the tunnel that has a light in it and the tunnel that’s completely dark, we choose the one with the light. Fear can be defined by an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is going to hurt us in some way. However, to me, fear is a lifestyle, an addiction, and an excuse. To be fearful is a way of…

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  • Fear And Fear In Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

    Fear specifically is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Throughout the history of man, fear has remarkably had a prominent effect on the actions of many: used by dictators as a tactic to control, used in politics and religion to manipulate people’s positions. Fear materializes to the world in many forms; basic fears akin to those of spiders or heights, to more complex fears that are deep-rooted, like…

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  • Fears: Fear, Why We Are Afraid?

    Lapin Fear, why we are afraid? The entire humanity went through fear of darkness during numerous centuries. Hopefully, just some of our fears have been changed. Nowadays, we have less fear for ghosts and werewolves but instead, our fear of aliens and zombies has increased. All those fears influence our lives more than it’s appear at the first sight. So what does fear means? It’s simply our self-defense reaction that helps us to avoid dangerous situations.Each time we have a situation that is…

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