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  • Alcatraz Research Paper

    to Alcatraz is uninviting, since it had played an important role in the history of California. Imagine being imprisoned in one of the world’s most disreputable prisons. However, not only is the island well known as the prison, but it was much more than a prison going back in time. Alcatraz was a prison for the worst criminals in history. Some include Al Capone, George Celino Barnes, and etc. Spanish explorer Juan Miguel De Ayala had discovered Alcatraz Island in 1775. He was the first person to sail into what is now as San Francisco Bay. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, his voyage mapped out the bay and three islands and named one of them Alcatraces. As time continued the name Alcatraces changed to Alcatraz. There was a presidential order that was placed aside the island of Alcatraz for it to become a United States military reservation. During this…

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  • Juvenile Justice Reflection Paper

    Learning about special corrections and special problems concerning to juveniles and female prisoners helped me learn more regarding to this topics. The Federal Bureau has a Central Office, community corrections office, one hundred and sixteen institutions, and six regional offices. The Bureau helps to protects public safety and ensures that federal offenders serve their sentence of imprisonment in establishments that are properly secure, safe, cost efficient, and humane. “The Bureau is…

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  • Brink Bank Failure

    On January 17, 1950 eleven thief’s planned and robbed the Brinks bank in Boston Massachusetts. An overall of 2.7 million dollars was stolen, 1,218,211.29 dollars were stolen in cash and 1,557,183.83 stolen in orders and checks (Federal Bureau of Investigation). For the thieves the mission was a success. There were many factors that contributed to the success of the robbery. The team had planned the robbery for a year until perfected. They went through many rehearsals. This required equipment, a…

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  • Executive Orders In The Criminal Justice System

    rehabilitation centers around the country. This is especially important due to the raising number of opioid usage and overdose deaths that have spiked in the recent years. If this bill was able to pass it would allow local, state, and federal governments to see holes in their drug response program. A successful program could lead to total rehabilitation and make it less likely for offenders to become repeat offenders. Problems with the enforcement of crime prevention policies can arise from…

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  • Decriminalization On Drugs

    For decades, overcrowded prison populations have been at the top of the list for penal reform in the United States. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that nearly 85,500 individuals are currently incarcerated on drug-related charges, making up 46.4% of the total inmate population in our prison systems. Of those incarcerated on drug charges, nearly half are low-level drug offenders with no current or prior violence charges on their records. (The United States War on Drugs, n.d) Are…

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  • Drug Court Policy Analysis

    documented (Lindquist, Krebs, & Lattimore, 2006). According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 48.4% of sentenced inmates in federal prison are serving time for drug offenses, as of September 26, 2015 (Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2015). In response to the large numbers of drug offenders, the criminal justice system has implemented drug courts has an alternative approach to incarceration. Drug treatment courts are specialized courts…

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  • Public Corruption

    country, could be pretty hard knowing the fact that they like to stay secretive and most of their cases are top secret. Their priorities are highly focused on 10 things. Which are terrorist attacks, foreign intelligence operations, cyber based attacks with high-technology crimes, combat public corruption, civil rights, combat transnational criminal organization, enterprises, combat major white-collar crime, significant violent crime, federal state local international partners, and upgrading…

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  • Media's Influence On The Criminal Justice System

    risks for choosing to be different. Another common perception related to crime is that the average criminal is poor, black, and a regular offender. The media paints them as violent people who prey on unsuspecting innocent white people. Finally, the society views prisons as failing the justice system. They are an extension of crooked activities outside, only occurring in a confined space. They fail to correct convicts who are either celebrated for their crimes or get convicted over and over…

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  • Technology's Role In Terrorism

    emerged through the use of illegal drug abuse and terrorism, considering the fact that it is one of the most serious problems the law enforcement faces. The role of technology plays a dramatic role in responding to these challenges of terrorism, and drug-related crimes. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, and of…

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  • Colonization, Decolonization, And Indigenous Spirituality In Leonard Peltier's Prison Writings

    Indigenous Spirituality in Leonard Peltier 's Prison Writings Within the American prison system, many individuals remain held for extended periods of time in solitary confinement. Despite arguments that solitary confinement has severe psychological and behavioral consequences for inmates, the experiences described by Leonard Peltier in Prison Writings tell a different story. Viewed from the historical lenses of colonization and decolonization, an important lesson to draw from Peltier 's…

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