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  • Disadvantages Of Feature Films

    Can a feature film about an important figure of Holocaust be made on? The answer is yes, but many things have to be taken into account. First of all, making a feature film on such a sensitive part of our history is trouble in itself. Feature film differs from a documentary film in numerous ways. A feature film focuses more on the demands of the public, and fiction is usually added to meet this requirement. The filmmaker might decide to create few fictional characters to enhance the plot. On the other hand, a documentary film is shorter than a feature film and focuses on depicting real life events without fiction. It has a common purpose of educating the public and provoking reflection on our past. However, it is possible to make a feature film…

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  • Short Film Analysis

    The overall length of the short film affects its structure, characterisation, plot and especially story. ‘The longer a short film lasts, the more the audience wants it to be a story. They want it to mean something.’ (Cowgill (2005 :9)). This means that shorter films, up to 5 minutes, are usually a comedy sketch with a punch line, such as in Knob, or a horror with a twist, like Selfie From Hell. The reveal or surprising ending seems to be common in the under 5 minute short, as the film has little…

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  • A Jury Of Her Peers Film Analysis

    No Justice for the Short-film Judgment Was Minnie Foster going to quilt it or knot it? When this question arose in the short story A Jury of Her Peers, two women were slowly piecing together Minnie Foster’s murder mystery, and when the dominant male characters overhear the women’s conversation, they merely scoffed and couldn’t seem to understand why the women were worried about ‘trivial things’. Little did they know, it was the ‘trivial things’ that gave clues to figuring out the motive for…

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  • Twelve Angry Men: The Importance Of Feature Film

    Feature films have huge impact on the lives of the viewers whether it be explicit or implicit. We grow up watching various feature films in this technological era where we have societal expectations that correlate with what is displayed in movies. The importance of this and politics has to deal with the fact that many individuals expect what the movie showcases to be true, which is not always the case. Specific cases with the U.S. Bill of Rights is included into films and has cinematic license…

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  • The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

    see on T.V. (Ledingham). With that in mind, consider the violent content in television programs. A recent content analysis, The National Television Violence Survey, had several interesting findings in regard to violence in television programs: 1. 61% of television programs contain some violence, and only 4 percent of television programs with violent content featured an “antiviolence” theme. 2. 44% of the violent interactions on television involve perpetrators who have some attractive…

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  • Merveille Theatre Description

    and there are three theaters near it that present shorts, one reels, or feature films scattered around different parts of the city. It has been in operation since September 4th of 1916, and shows various films every day of the week. On Mondays through Thursdays, the theater would operate from 11am to 11pm, but it would run until 12am on Fridays. On Saturdays and Sundays, it would run from 9am to 11pm. Any person of any age or class is permitted, but the theater is primarily targeting the working…

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  • The Girl By The Roadside

    Bluebird Photoplay crime drama presented by seasoned veterans of the film industry, including director, Theodore Marston, a former theater actor, who transitioned to film and directed several crime dramas, including 1918’s Beyond the Law, and one of Universal’s most popular actresses, Violet Mersereau, whose career spanned eighteen years from 1908-1926. The Girl by the Roadside functions as a cultural mediator, processing and addressing the complex social circumstances of the period through its…

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  • Film Trailers Analysis

    was good it may have convinced them to see the film, but if it was not good, it may have not convinced them to see the movie. Watching a trailer is usually seen as a good idea before seeing the movie. It allows one to appreciate the grand work of art a movie is, but it can also show how terrible a movie is. However, trailers can influence consumers, and do more than just demonstrate the idea of a particular movie. Therefore, the consumer’s opinion and experience of movies can be affected by…

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  • History Of Film Analysis

    History of Film Although, technically the history of film begins in Europe in the 1890’s with the first motion picture, every innovation in the art world from the beginning of time played a part in getting there. From cave drawings, to oil paintings, to photography, to stroboscopic toys; elements of film can be found in nearly every form of art. When the first motion picture was invented filmmakers were only able to make their films 50 seconds long, there was no camera movement, and no…

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  • Mother Of All Lies Analysis

    Almost by accident (I don 't believe things like this happen by chance, however), I discovered the screenwriter, Mark Sanderson, when I watched his Lifetime film Mother of All Lies. He noticed my review, and then I realized he had written quite a body of works. From that time, I have paid attention to what has been occupying his time, and I knew that he had a book coming out soon. Therefore,in order to bring some attention to this talented guy (and hopefully give some press to his upcoming book…

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