Merveille Theater Analysis

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The Merveille Theatre is located closely at the center of the large city, and there are three theaters near it that present shorts, one reels, or feature films scattered around different parts of the city. It has been in operation since September 4th of 1916, and shows various films every day of the week. On Mondays through Thursdays, the theater would operate from 11am to 11pm, but it would run until 12am on Fridays. On Saturdays and Sundays, it would run from 9am to 11pm. Any person of any age or class is permitted, but the theater is primarily targeting the working class and also the higher class around the city. The screening room’s seats are comprised of 2000 folding seats in total from both first and second floors. The seats, which are made of …show more content…
The building is largely made of bricks, and lightings from bulbs are aligned on the top half of the building to create a rectangular shape on each edge of the half. Located above the ticket booth, the Merveille Theatre sign would be displayed in yellow neon lights, and the top of the building would also show the same but bigger sign for the rest of the area to see. The posters located at outside the theater and inside the theater are hand-drawn, but there would have to be right amount of posters, or else the theater’s interior would not be aesthetically pleasing. The interior’s floor is covered by red carpet, and two film posters are attached on the left and right side of the red walls. Optional Merveille Pamphlets are served at the ticket booth, for anyone to take. They present the welcoming introduction to the Merveille Theatre, and the full schedule of the films showing throughout the month. In the concessions, there are two C. Cretors & Company popcorn machines and beverages such as soda pops, juice, and water. Since the building has two floors, there are restrooms in each of the

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