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  • The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

    they see on T.V. (Ledingham). With that in mind, consider the violent content in television programs. A recent content analysis, The National Television Violence Survey, had several interesting findings in regard to violence in television programs: 1. 61% of television programs contain some violence, and only 4 percent of television programs with violent content featured an “antiviolence” theme. 2. 44% of the violent interactions on television involve perpetrators who have some attractive qualities worthy of emulation. 3. 43% of violent scenes involve humor either directed at the violence or used by the characters involved with violence. 4. Nearly 75% of violent scenes on television feature no immediate punishment for, or condemnation of violence. 5. 40% of programs feature “bad” characters who are never or rarely punished for their aggressive actions. (Office) Many television shows do not portray the harmful consequences of violence, and if they do, it is in a unrealistic way. Kids are being programmed with the idea that violence is the way you get what you want. The disadvantages to violence on television far outweigh the advantages-- which are none. Research suggests that television is poisoning our children, and we are allowing this to happen. Some argue that television violence, plays little or no part in the rise in children’s aggression and the increase in children committing crimes? Although most of the studies done on media violence and its…

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  • Innocence And Deception Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    My dear Ophelia was a violet living among the bed of thorns. An image of innocence and purity in among the disease, death and deceit that runs rampant throughout the court of Denmark. For her to have downed among the weeping willows, no to have downed herself, to escape the woes that littered her mortal coil. Without a man to guide her no wonder she drifted astray, condemned to hell for the abomination of her death. Hamlet without a doubt would have set he on this damned path. His fruitless…

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  • Condemnation Of Torture

    The first signs of protection and condemnation of torture and inhuman treatment appeared in the First Geneva Convention of 1864 which stipulated the wounded and infirm soldiers and medical personnel were protected against torture and attacks. The scope of the First Geneva Convention were expanded throughout the years with the Second, Third and Fourth Geneva Convention to include shipwrecked soldiers and other naval forces, the definition of a prisoner of war and the rights they were…

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  • The Condemnation Of Blackness Analysis

    Paper 6 In his book The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban America, author Khalil Gibran Muhammad works to answer a series of questions surrounding the “statistical link between blackness and criminality” (1), focusing on the core historical actors and the circumstances that were constructed to allow for the current reality that while African-Americans make up 12 percent of the general population, they make up 30 percent of the prison population (4). The issue…

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  • The Condemnation: A Narrative Analysis

    The condemnation from Mr.K Started writing in Oct.30 2015, ended in Nov.1st “Did you not know how to wear a condom? Were you that stupid?” What is this mutiny I am hearing? What kind of obscurity is this? I am mad for this nonsense, but I feel tears trickling down my cheek. The content of the words he speak do not sadden me more than the way he speaks. He is speaking to me as a stranger. His cold and dull eyes make me feel nauseous. I have been sick to my stomach just looking at his eyes, and…

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  • Anabaptism: The Condemnation Of Galileo

    The Condemnation of Galileo It is possible to say the condemnation of Galileo was something that was miscalculated. I say this because it seems as though there was really no law for what he had done at the time, but because scince and theology was not separated no one really knew what to do. I thought about Jesus, when the Jews set out to kill Him because they really could not handle his teaching and who He claimed to be. They took him and waited until after the Passover to kill Him because…

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  • Analysis Of Blanket Condemnations

    In “Blanket condemnations,” Erum Hasan (2010) claims the discussion involving the burqa ban is being incorrectly addressed, with activists from different realms focusing on actions that prohibit this attire rather than discussing the Muslim women’s rights. Using an anecdote, Hasan introduces the discomfort and repudiation that a woman wearing a burqa can cause in the Western society. Notwithstanding, she declares this vesture is demonized by the West, being considered a symbol of Islam and…

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  • Reagan's Condemnation Of The Soviet Union

    This view is adapted from Reagan’s firm condemnation of the Soviet Union. In a 1982 speech before the British Parliament, Reagan pleaded for the spread of Democracy and stated that Marxism and Leninism would eventually “lie on the ash heap of history” . Perhaps Reagan’s finest moment was his 1987 speech in West Berlin, where he stood defiant against the scourge of Communism proclaiming “Mr. Gorbechev, tear down this wall!” Reagan’s patriotic boldness in the face of the Soviet Union is an…

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  • Analysis Of The Biblical Condemnation Of Feminism

    He made Adam first, and then made Eve from Adam's rib. This order of creation subordinates wives to their husbands in marriage, and women to men in the church. As an act of submission to their Creator women are commanded to submit to their husbands and to male leadership in the church. Women are not allowed to teach or have authority over men in any formal capacity in the church." 5 "Most of these feminists are radical, frustrated lesbians, many of them, and man-haters, and failures in their…

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  • The Condemnation Of Society In Dante's Inferno By Dante Alighieri

    In every functioning society, there exists a set of societal values and ethics that the majority will adhere to. However, these set of values often differ in different eras, locations, and cultures. In the epic poem, Dante’s Inferno written by Dante Alighieri, there are glaring examples of the condemnation of actions and behaviors that would be perceived as socially acceptable today, as well as instances of behaviors that may have been met with some disdain and disapproval during the 1300s, but…

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