Anabaptism: The Condemnation Of Galileo

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The Condemnation of Galileo
It is possible to say the condemnation of Galileo was something that was miscalculated. I say this because it seems as though there was really no law for what he had done at the time, but because scince and theology was not separated no one really knew what to do. I thought about Jesus, when the Jews set out to kill Him because they really could not handle his teaching and who He claimed to be. They took him and waited until after the Passover to kill Him because it was a religious holiday and they did not want the people to be in an uproar over their doings. With Galileo’s situation, it is said that [1 ]“No episode is so misunderstood in the history of the Catholic Church, so many intelligent Catholics would
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The results of this were the Anabaptist were defined by erroneous doctrine. After a while there was a historian by the name of Marxist that decided to go back to the roots of the Anabaptist. [3] “Somewhat surprisingly, the Marxist view of Anabaptism did not differ that greatly from the Protestant view in regard to origin and characteristics.” The spiritualist-subjectivist idea was ignored, but the revolutionary and communitarian aspects was stressed. [3]”This interpretation differs from the Protestant interpretation in two respects. First, while both interpretations saw the Anabaptists as revolutionaries, the Marxists said that revolution was good, and Protestants had assumed that it was abhorrently evil. Secondly, the Marxists defined the Anabaptists in terms of a social class, while the Protestants had primarily defined them in terms of ideology (spiritualism plus eschatology). Although some Protestants had earlier noted the lack of education among Anabaptist leaders, this marked a significant shift in viewpoint.” The reformation began when Harold S. Bender penned and article “The Anabaptist View”. His document reveal three truths about the movement, which put negative interpretations to rest. [3]"The first, a new conception of the essence of Christianity as discipleship; second a new conception of the church as a brotherhood; and third a new ethic of love and non-resistance. Because of Bender this movement was able to reclaim it true meaning. Anabaptist is a group of people or a movement that believes in

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