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  • The Outlaw Josey Wales

    salvation, forces which join every beginning to every end, forging links which bind time together, as well as the successive seasons and renascent vegetation” (Cirlot 102). Although Josey’s face is illuminated, the sun is setting, which alludes to the death of his being a farmer and a father and the birth of his being an outlaw. Furthermore, Josey drops the reins to his horse and runs from the field as he rushes to save his family from the Redlegs. Horses are a symbol of regeneration (Class) and his action of dropping the reigns to his plow-horse further illustrates his death as a farmer. Thus, because a farmer is the “catalyst of the forces of regeneration and salvation,” Josey will only be redeemed once he returns to agriculture. When the Bushwhackers come to recruit Josey, he is sitting in front of the graves of his wife and child with the cross turned on its side with the sun to his back, shading his whole body, and a white pine by his side. The cross turned on its side alludes to Josey’s abandonment of moral restraint and his hell-bent desire for revenge. Josey’s back turned towards the rising sun and being enveloped by shadow symbolizes his refusal for good and his rebirth as a fallen angel (Class). The shadow is also symbolic of his search for self. White pines are the tree of peace. Thus, Josey is a fallen angel seeking revenge, but will not instigate violence. Later in the film, Josey enters Zookie Limmer’s trading post as two trappers are raping a young Squaw…

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  • Ellen Vaden: A Short Story

    When I think back on the story of Ellen Vaden, I will remember the things that she told about the Ku Klux Klan and what they did. I will remember the fact that she doesn't remember freedom. I will remember her part. Ellen has seen a lot and experienced a lot in her 83+ years of living. Her owners were Dave and Luiza Johnson. Her mother was from Georgia and she does not know anything about who owned her father or where he was from. Her aunt bought her way out of slavery by cooking. She does not…

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  • Jeff Bussey In Harold Keith's Rifles For Watie

    He really does not look that different from a regular teenage boy. It seems that Jeff’s physicality really did not have a major role in the war. However, Keith did show that Jeff had plenty of might to combat people bigger than him. Overall, Keith makes it clear Jeff may not have had the best attributes bodily, that they helped him out when it was needed. It seems that many of Jeff’s feelings had a greater impact on the story. One of Jeff’s most crucial feelings is concern for those he is…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Life After Civil War

    that colored soldiers should be treat equal with others. In Comparison to the slave in the South, the black people who lived in the North region lived much better life. Many of them joined to manumission society to set the goals of emancipation of southern slaves, and fight for black equality. On the other hand, for black people who lived in the western region, state Kansas became the most violent state and earned it name Bleeding Kansas. After the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. The Norther…

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  • Why Did Jackson Win The Civil War Essay

    Confederate forces from striking again. Governor Jackson refused to find volunteers for Lincoln because he believed that, “The Presidents army to make war upon the people of the seceded states.” Knowing that Jackson intended to take his state of Missouri out of the Union, General Nathaniel Lyon took action to prevent this. The first thing that General Lyon did was that he chased Jackson and his band of Missouri State Guards out of Jefferson city, the capital of Missouri. When Lyon entered the…

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  • George Washington Carver Early Childhood

    George Washington Carver was born in 1864, in the middle of the Civil War. His father was dead before George was born. His mother was stolen by bushwhackers, leaving him as an infant and his older brother Jim in the care of the kind Carvers. Mrs. Carver had lost her only daughter, so she was excited to have George and Jim to take care of. Since George couldn't go to school because of it being an only white school. He would learn from around him, he would climb trees, experiment on plants, and…

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  • John Brown Dbq Essay

    Both Kansas and Nebraska mounted in cross-border acts of violence over the terms of slavery. As a result of the Kansas-Nebraska act, the conflict was a main point of argument the North had on the continuation of slavery in the West. The conflict between the North and the South’s rhetoric behind slavery caused them much tension. Abraham Lincoln gave a campaign speech referring to the Democrats as bushwhackers and informants of false information that cannot be justified (E). Since the Democratic…

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  • Short Biography: Yvonne De Carlo

    It made me ‘hot’ again, which I wasn’t for a while.” After starring in two of her most famous roles, in 1956 Yvonne had a lead role in Flame of the Islands, Raw Edge, with Rory Calhoun, and Death of a Scoundrel, with George Sanders. In 1957, she, Sidney Poitier, and Clark Gable were paired together in the Band of Angels. Also during that exact year, she made her album “Yvonne De Carlo Sings,” go public. From the late 1950s and early 1960s, she made appearances on several TV series such as The…

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  • Compare And Contrast North And South Reconstruction

    blockade runner while the battles are still in process.  The Horse Soldiers (1959) – based on true story of Col. Benjamin H. Grierson, who drove through Mississippi in 1863 destroying railroads and houses. The movie follows Union cavalry sent to destroy Confederate supply center.  Glory (1989) – Robert Gould Shaw leads the first all-black volunteer company during the War and fights against both southern and northern prejudices against negroes.  Gettysburg (1993) – the story is set in 1863…

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  • The Great Paper Flip Caper Case Analysis

    in voices sometimes last above a whisper or again someone yelled real loud; or if conversation ever stooped to the point where there might be just almost absolutely nothing left to say for either particular party so involved and so dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal they - they said one to another with a hint of mystery and amazement in their nostrils; snort; have you heard the story from out of Booty Hill Park; the word is out; theres been a snake killin and rumor is…

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