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  • Innocence And Deception Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    than thinking about a happy time in misery”. If only mere words were able to describe the raw emotion. It is violent and destructive, having one so dear to you lost to the abyss. If I had not been so consumed with my desire to the return to France this wouldn’t have happened. She should have heeded my warning! Been more careful with whom she trusted and cared for. Least of all to one who’d take her gentle heart and without second thought crush it. To perform such a crime, and destroy the one he claimed to love in one foul swoop. Perhaps the King had a point. Maybe as recompense for his foul deeds he can pay the price and suffer, damned to the torment fire and ice for eternity. The thought of revenge although sweet, has a much more bitter aftertaste. The notion would have please me once, but the thought now chills me to the bone. The prospect of damnation to inferno is enough to any level headed man. Revenge for the deaths of my family is not worth spending the rest of eternity navigating the pit of hell. There is no way to right the sins of another without committing sins of your own. My confidence was bought with such carefully crafted lies, to portray himself as a friend, but has proven to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The depth of his manipulation would have had me play the puppet and him the puppeteer without the strings. I would have had the more obvious motive in this new story he is making. Except I would not play the hero but only the pawn. Take the life of Hamlet.…

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  • Spinach Essay

    Added Sugars 0 g Total Fat 0 g Saturated Fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Minerals Calcium 30 mg Potassium 167 mg Sodium 24 mg Iron 1 mg Phosphorus 15 mg Vitamins Vitamin A 141 µg RAE Vitamin C 8 mg Sample Appearance Texture Flavor aftertaste Butternut squash & Spinach carbonara pasta *Appearance: 1- much too light, 2- little too light, 3- just right, 4-little too dark, 5- much too dark *Texture: 1- much too soft, 2- little too soft, 3- just right, 4- little too…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Sweet Mama Burger

    we made sure to cook them enough in the oil so that an outer crust formed on the patties. Based on texture, a high quality burger should be moist, tender, crunchy crispy crust, and should hold up well. The sweet mama burger was moist, tender, and had a crunchy crispy crust though cooking. Because our veggie burgers were vegan we were not allowed to use eggs to bind the veggie burger mixture together, instead we used flax seed meal and water which forms a product that resembles an egg. We used a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Astraea Allulose

    years, America’s obesity problem has been growing due to many factors — the most significant being sugar. Americans tend to have a very strong sweet tooth, so most of the foods they consume are very high in sugar. Therefore, scientists have been trying to develop new, healthier sweeteners that have the same properties as sugar (minus the calories and harmful side effects) so that they can tap into the continuously growing $11.4 billion dollar low-calorie sweetener industry (Toesland 2015). There…

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  • Restaurant Analysis

    Slices of pickled ginger were in the corner on a ceramic dish, which resembled a pink peony. Our first sushi was of black sea bream. Despite its name, the layers of sliced fish were coral, looking like a blooming rosebud. As I brought the sushi closer to my mouth, I could smell the freshness of the fish and the strong aroma of seaweed, typical to a freshwater fish. As I put the sushi in my mouth, I was surprised by a hint of yuzu that must have been underneath the fish, with a piercing drop of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day In High School

    Sensory Details - Sight - Sound - Touch - Taste - Smell Today is the day that i become a high school student and i’m a little nervous. Being a Freshman is something everyone dreads on the first day. The sun is still hot and bright from summer weather, i can feel the sweat dripping off my forehead. The big yellow bus pulls up to my stop and dust starts flying in the air. Once I step on, the recent stench of old, smelly, dirty socks hits me like a train. Every year the smell becomes stronger…

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  • Rule Of Four

    After reading The Rule of Four, I was highly disappointed in the later half of the book. This was because of its terrible conclusion, which left a very bitter and sad aftertaste until the point where I think the book was better without the ending. The book sets a very emotional tone from the start. We are faced with characters who have gone through so much in search for their ambitions, whether that be cracking the Hypnerotomachia or mending a loving relationship (in the case of Katie), all…

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  • The Ardmore Legacy Of A Lifetime: A Gift Of Gold

    mountains. Its origins are pure, with water being drawn from the natural springs that rise at the foot of the majestic Knochandy Hill. Its environment is its legacy, which embodies the freshness of the cool climes that it was born in. Nothing short of being liquid gold, The Ardmore Legacy has an ardent following among connoisseurs, as well as those who are new to the world of malts. It offers a hint of smokiness, which is balanced with a nose of heather honey, cinnamon and toffee bourbon. On…

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  • Short Story: Beach Home

    fluentisms he will tell you he loves you, the way your hands emit warmth, thawing his heart in the correct precise shade of yellow. the scent of your hair will bring him nostalgia of his beach house on the east shore, so he will touch you whenever he gets the chance to. he's going to spend his breath on praises that show you how much you're worth to him. but then he will tell you something is different now. he's a little too used to summer and a little too used to the sea. he's going to…

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  • Racism In Citizen By Claudia Rankine

    the trace//is the aftertaste.” (Rankine 146). There is a clear emphasis on the darkness, or painful realization of the loss of identity, that comes after knowledge. Using a rhythmic pattern of sound, Rankine takes advantage of her knowledge over poetical writing and alternates her words in the first sentence to give emphasis to the darkness that seems to be growing upon everything. We often times believe that knowledge brings forth a light or illumination, but what comes afterwards is often…

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