The Effects Of Media Violence On Children

Register to read the introduction… With these results, I am reminded of a incident in my childhood. When I was about eleven years old, I had just finished watching The “Karate Kid.” My mother came into the room and asked me to do something. Apparently I did not want to do it, and we proceeded to get in an argument. The argument escalated, and in the heat of the moment, I did what I had just seen on television: I karate kicked a hole in the wall. As trivial as it may sound, this is a real life example of how children often emulate the things seen on television.

Think for a moment of all the different commercials on
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So who should be responsible for what children are watching on television? A 1999 Gallup Study found that 56% of Americans felt that the Federal Government should do more to regulate television violence (Carlson). Is it really the government’s job to raise American children? Sadly, many feel that it is. Parents need to take responsibility for their children and begin to monitor what types of programs they watch.

Parents can combat the effects of television violence by following a few simple steps. First, parents should monitor, and limit the time their children spend watching television (Anderson). The less time watched, the less influence television will have. Second, parents should explain to children that violence on television is not right even if it is made to seem that way. Third, parents can simply watch television with their children, discussing the content with them. The most important thing parents need to remember is to consistently enforce the rules they make

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