Media Influence On Children Essay

How the media influence the child’s behavior Today our life is full with media. People cannot live without them and each member in a family has at least one media. It has advantages and disadvantage for our life. People should know and make the difference between the good and the bad. In the last time, in each home all family members get together in one room and watching something on one television. Each member knew what the other one watch. The house fills by love and laugh, since they see and talk between them at least at night.
In fact, at this time, parents don’t see their kids what are they doing, when did they get home and at what time do they leave. Each one in his room, do whatever they want. Children make their
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Cognitive development theory holds that children 's cognitive capacities at different stages of development determine if and to what extent they can understand media content. Media violence gives children the message that aggression and violence are acceptable solutions to conflicts and problems.In many homes, especially atrisk families, children identify with television, movie, and video game characters, and look to them as heroes, role modelsand parent-figures.The negative effects of media violence are multiplied for children with frightening and traumatic backgrounds.What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Research indicates that aggressive children are particularly attracted to violent media. (Michael Orlan)
Furthermore, children who watch violent television become suspicious and expect others to act violently . Second, media violence stimulates aggression by desensitizing children to the effects of violence. A child who has behaved aggressively watches violent television shows to relieve guilt and justify the aggression. The more televised violence a child watches, the more acceptable aggressive behavior becomes for that child. Even an innocuous object that has been associated with aggression may later stimulate violence. This explains why children observe one kind of aggression on television and commit another kind of aggressive act ( L. Rowell and Jessica). when kids are exposed to media full of aggression and violence, it can increase antisocial and bullying behavior and decrease their empathy for victims of violence(James P

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