The Effects Of Violent Media On Children

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Media outlets like comics, films and the Internet have a huge impact on children. According to Yoemans (2013), “a study found that U.S youths spend more than seven and a half hours a day using media”. Since children spend a lot of time devices that provide them with media content then it is important to know the effects it could have on children in order to come up with a solution to these effects. Violent media for instance could increase the amount of violent acts carried out by children and could even lead to long term consequences that follow these children into adulthood. Apart from this, media contents could also foster the formation of stereotypes in the minds of children which could have adverse effects on the marginalized group. Also, sexual media content in the media could take away the innocence of children as they are not protected from these contents. To solve the problem of the effects of negative media content on …show more content…
According to Ward (2007), Popular films are depicting “crude and exaggerated” stereotypes of Muslims is a problem as it could lead to Islamophobia. Ward (2007) states that “According to a report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, films as diverse as “the siege”, the Disney film “Aladdin” and the British Comedy “East is East” have helped to demonise Muslims as violent, dangerous and threatening”. According to Ward (2007), “the serge” reinforces the stereotype of Arabs/Palestines/Muslims being violent, “East is East suggests that the Muslim husband is a polygamous wife-beating tyrant and in Aladdin, Aladdin’s homeland is seen as barbaric with the good Arabs being given American accents while the rest have exaggerated Arab accents. According to Ward (2007), the stereotypes portrayed in these films have led to Muslims experiencing exclusion, hatred, discrimination and

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