Relational Aggression In TV Shows

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The purpose of this study is to observe and identify the type and amount of violence that occurs in children’s cartoons and adult T.V. dramas. Since, children spent so much time watching T.V. usually about 7 hours a day they are exposed to violent and other antisocial behaviors. (Strasburger, 2010) We would like to understand how these violent actions portrayed in the media affect the development of the child as well as if it causes an increase in aggressiveness in children.
As a group, we decided to observe The Magic School Bus and How to Get Away with Murder. The Magic School Bus, is a kids show that premiered in 1994 where it made learning fun for both girls and boys. How to Get Away with Murder, premiered in 2014 and it is
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Overall, relational aggression was the act of violence that occurred more often. In both shows, there was a dominant character that portrayed a sense of authority over the other characters who wanted to make them feel inferior. For example, in How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise who is the professor that teaches criminal law made Wes (a student) look foolish in front of the entire class. All the six acts of relational aggression were realistic, which can demonstrate or introduce the idea that being in charge is the ideal position. This can cause many adolescents and children to practice bullying in their school environment or even in their own home. The children that are targeted will cause them to feel inferior, which, can have further implications such as causing them to have low …show more content…
It can cause children to become more aware of their surrounding as well as the type of relationships they have with their peers. I believe that it could affect boys and girls differently and testosterone levels might help explain it. High testosterone levels have been linked to aggressive behavior, which can be a reason why males tend to commit more crimes than females (Siegler, 2014). Males also tend to engage in physical violence while females tend to engage in relational aggression and gossiping. Children might not take the acts of violence in cartoon shows as seriously since it is a cartoon show, whereas T.V. drama depict acts of violence in a real world setting with real human beings. However, children might feel more of a connection with cartoons so it is possible that they will create some sort of connection with the characters and mirror the same acts. I believe that parents should be aware as to what their kids are watching and should explain to their kids that these shows are not real. Parents should not only watch the first episode or a preview of the show but I believe it’s best to watch the show midway just get a good grasp as to what the show is about. Also, channel networks should put the violent shows at a later time probably after 9 p.m. when most children are already asleep to prevent

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