Essay On Influence Of Television On Adolescents

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Television influences the health and behavior of adolescents. Television is describe as an electronic device which deliveries moving images and sound from a source to a receiver (Britannica, 2016). Adolescents’ not only have access of watching live television but have the capability of digital video recording (DVR) service. DVR service allows shows to be downloaded for viewing at a future date and time (, 2016). Television can be a positive or negative learning source. It can also, have an impact on the cognitive process of youth. The cognitive process is vital, it shows the development mental effects of learning and behavior. In order for teens to understand how television can impact their cognitive ability, having an understanding …show more content…
According to Yaah Baya and Mberia (2014), “ many people claim there is no observable impact of television on adolescents, yet parents and teachers have shown much concern about the effect of television on our young people” (p 1). Television contributes to more adverse health and behavioral outcomes than positive. When adolescents are entertained by reality shows, music videos, and advertisements the possibility of negative exposure increases. A lot of these types of entertainment options can very easily lead to inappropriate and dysfunctional behaviors. The advertising of negativity contributes to deviant behavior (Browne & Hamilton-Giachritsis, 2005). Behaviors typically are generated by violence, aggression, and promiscuity. Negative exposure to the media along with other risk factors contribute to the influence of deviant behaviors (Boxer, Huesmann, Bushman, O 'Brien, &Moceri, …show more content…
When television is the main arena of entertainment, it is not difficult to see the excesses of sex, violence and aggressive content in today’s media. Television offers a dosage of daytime talk shows that have a panel of guest that are considered psychological unbalanced and physical abused. Empire viewed by a growing number of Americans, many of whom are young children and adolescents who watch alongside their parents. Network news filled with graphic versions of murders, kidnappings, traffic accidents, international and war scenes, which violence is almost the key component. How does all of this affect our children? What do we know about the impact of TV violence and aggression on our children 's values, attitudes, and behavior? There is a growing body of research that has begun these very questions, and the results are. TV violence and promiscuity can negatively affect our children on some

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