Tv Influence On American Culture

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The popularity of televisions has increased drastically since its beginning. With visually interesting images, and highly entertaining programs, televisions can command the attention of their audiences for hours. Watching television can help young viewers to develop ideas and a view of the world around them. TVs also influence the attitudes and behaviors people have, not just towards themselves but also the people around them. With the stronghold of television media, public opinions and cultures have been influenced. It has changed the way people receive information with its breaking news, and it has improved the access to different cultures. However, with all the influence television programs have on the minds of its audience members, it should be no sock that TV and its media have become a major factor in the increase in violence in American culture as well. Due to its early start in the lives of children, how it is portrayed on television and …show more content…
Like the movie rating system, television has a rating system grouped by age and maturity level. However, in comparison to much of the world today, this rating system has strayed from what is appropriate. What is considered to be a PG-13 television show today was something considered an R rated movie to those who were raised in the 1960s and1970s and not suitable for young children. Just because a panel of people ranks a television show at a certain level does not mean it is actually suitable for children. What a child watches should be monitored by the parent of said child. Today, the average American child will witness over thousands of violent acts on television by age 18, all from shows that are “suitable” for their ages. According to the TV Guidelines rating system, children as young as seven years old are susceptible to “comedic violence”. At such a young age, should any violence be

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