How Does Tv Affect Children

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Television can have long lasting and detrimental effects on children and young adults. While entertaining, watching T.V. can cause negative effects on physical and cognitive health, decreasing children’s amount of physical activity and sometimes impede brain development. Behaviorally, some television shows promote aggressive behavior in children and reinforce stereotypes. When looking into television shows to observe, I decided to select T.V. shows I had watched when I was a child.
The Fairly Oddparents was one children’s cartoon I chose to observe. This show is based around a little boy, Timmy Turner, whose parents are always abandoning him and leaving him with an evil babysitter, Vicky. Because of his miserable life, Timmy was granted with
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Together, the babies get into a lot of harmless mischief as Angelica, Tommy’s (the main baby) cousin, tries to trick them and ruin their fun. Angelica plays the antagonist and poses the biggest threat in the show as she manipulates others to get what she wants, even the parents. She is very aggressive and tyrannical and often bullies the babies. In the episode I viewed, Angelica bullied the babies 7 times verbally, once physically, and twice emotionally. This could negatively affect a child’s behavior, making it seem ok to undermine their parents and be mean to others. This show breaks stereotypes by including an interracial couple. By doing so, this will minimize racial barriers in children’s …show more content…
can pose negative effects on children emotionally, socially, and cognitively. By promoting negative behavior in television shows, children might start to mock this behavior, thinking that it is ok if on television. By copying aggressive behavior, this child might start to lash out on others, thus causing them to lose social connections. Television can also slow down brain development, especially if the child is younger. The more hours a child spends watching television, the less time the child spends exercising, making social connections, speaking, and improving their cognitive abilities. Furthermore, parents should restrict their child’s viewing time depending on the time it takes away from these activities. Parents should moderate the time their child is watching T.V. and make sure that it is healthy for the child according to their

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