V-Chip: Monitoring What Children Can Watch On TV

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V-Chip to Assist in Monitoring What Children Can Watch on TV
Parents always want what’s best for their children and enjoy their childhood. When it comes to media and technology, parents want to be extremely cautious of what network, movie, or cartoons their children are watching. Most parents want to sit there with their children and make sure nothing goes wrong. From “Marketing, Media, and the First Amendment: What’s Best for Children,” Susan Linn suggests parents should use the V-chip to assist in monitoring what children can watch on television. I think it is a great idea to do so; the children won’t be exposed to sex, violence, drugs, nudity, and pregnancies at an early age. Parents want to enjoy precious moments with their children
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The V-chip allows parents or other caregivers to block programming on their television that they don’t want children to watch.” It further states that “television programs are now assigned a rating according to a system established by the television industry. The rating is encoded with the program before it airs. Parents can use the remote control to program the V-chip to block the display of programs that carry certain ratings (The V-chip..2014)” The article outlines the requirements needed for the V-chip including the size of the television, FCC Actions, television program ratings, movies ratings, and how to program the …show more content…
That was a startling fact. If you are not setting rules or limits on your child’s viewing habits, that’s 32 hours of potentially inappropriate content your child could be exposed to. It’s also time your child is spending not participating in other activities, such as educational games or outdoor fun. There are some educational games on TV that’s quite enjoying. Here are some useful tips for how to effectively monitor your child’s television time. According to an article entitled “How to Monitor Your Child’s TV Time,” here are some advice for parents:
Set limits for your child. Let the child how much time he can watch TV each day, perhaps one hour. Let him know when he is young so he later he has grown accustomed to this rule. As he grows older, he will be used to the idea and find other ways to occupy himself. Being physically active plays an important role in the development of a child’s body and mind. And besides participating in an exercise program can be so much

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