Federal Air Marshal Service

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  • Federal Security Officer Personal Statement Examples

    During my 28-year law enforcement career, I have had a multitude of assignments, which have prepared me to excel as an Assistant Federal Security Director for Law Enforcement (AFSD-LE). I have significant experience working in local, state and federal law enforcement communities and a great understanding of the dynamics that drive each. As a member of TSA’s Office of Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service (OLE/FAMS) for the last 10-years and having multiple supervisory, field office and headquarters assignments, I have gained considerable insight to the inner workings of TSA. With more than four-years of experience as the FBI’s Airport Liaison Agent (ALA), I have considerable experience relating to that of an AFSD-LE. As the Joint Terrorism…

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  • 3.1 Case 3-1 Who Pay The Price Analysis

    97) The opponents of these regulations argue that the regulations cause delays and drive up costs for airlines. While waiting WRITE UP #1 CASE 3-1 WHO PAYS THE PRICE? 3 in line at the security checkpoint in an airport is awful, I feel it is a small price to pay. The cost of TSA is borne by the American tax payer. Airlines are subsidized by the U.S. government for improved security measures as well. Some of the cost is borne by the individual airlines, but I also believe this cost to be the…

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  • How Does Terrorism Affect Tourism

    It is hard to believe that anyone would murder hundreds just to have their message heard, but that is the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is more than just a physical effect and a body count, it also can have a crippling effect on the mental state of millions. Terrorism creates fear in things that people once thought were perfectly safe, and one of the biggest fears created is on travel. Travel is a driving force in the world economy. The effects of terrorism can be felt on several fronts…

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  • Arguments Against TSA

    to travel by air do to the constant threat of terrorism and their attacks. These attacks have prompted the American government to implement security measures one of which is the TSA or Transportation Security Administration. This group is tasked with stopping terrorist from bombing or hijacking aircrafts. The TSA does this through the use of stringent security protocols. But in light of all of this is the TSA still fails to stop terrorist attempts. An attempt made by Richard Reid better known as…

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  • Privacy Vs National Security

    they must do it and their right to privacy is paused. “Aviation tends to be more vulnerable to terrorists because flight times are scheduled, destinations are chosen months in advance. Also a successful attack guarantees maximum publicity. Any attack results in severe economic consequences, huge loss of life, prestige and compensation (European Commission, 2005).” Another way the U.S. tries to avoid catastrophes is with the NSA or National Security Administration. It is said to be believed…

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  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    (http://tsa.gov/about). Since the implementation of the TSA, airports across the nation have declined in quality and safety. Nowadays, a petting zoo is the equivalent to the average public airport. Realistically, the TSA has failed to address and control the growth of unethical behavior within the air transportation…

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  • Effects Of 9/11 On Airport Security

    machines/scanners it brought such a drastic change in security because, for example, there are people that think that they can still take whatever they want on a plane like before 9/11, but since the new machines/scanners are able to detect metal or any hidden foreign object can stop someone from making another drastic tragedy. After 9/11 they started to limit what you are able to take on a plane and introduce new procedures. The airport started to introduce to remove shoes and banning…

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  • Operation HUSKY

    Operation HUSKY was ultimately an Allied victory that met its objectives, but its planning and execution highlighted significant deficiencies in command and control and integration of Allied forces. Senior commanders, primarily General Eisenhower and British General Alexander, failed to adequately provide their staffs and subordinate commanders with clear intent, nor did they fully exploit the combined ground, air, and naval capabilities available to them. This essay identifies the shortcomings…

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  • Great Britain's Victory In The Battle Of Britain

    came the revision of Great Britain’s strategy in the war, it was simply to survive. While Germany began its raid of the United Kingdom through the air, the British people took to the skies to defend their homeland, in what would be called the Battle of Britain and total war for the British population. Many leaders emerged to rally the people to combat the Nazi attacks, however, crucial to the British victory in the Battle of Britain was Air Chief…

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  • United States Marshals Service Case Study

    Just like state and federal officers, these individuals are armed whether on or off duty; unlike state and federal officers, local law enforcement agencies protect the citizens and enforce the laws of the United States, their state government, and their local municipality within their assigned jurisdictions…

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