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  • Personal Narrative: Dive Bomber Alley

    Ever since I was little I have been very adventurous and open-minded to trying new things.I was always excited to have the opportunity to make new memories that would last a lifetime. I went to Sixflags Over Texas quite a bit as a child, since it was only thirty minutes from my house. Every time I made my way toward the Superman I would stop and admire the people on the ride known as Dive Bomber Alley. A ride that slowly brings you up to a one hundred and fifty foot arch before it drops you with nothing but the sky to catch your fall. I would stare at the from the time they pulled the cord that made them fly downward toward me until they made their way to the ground and back inside the shack to watch their video. The look on their faces was…

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  • History Of Dive Bombing

    statements do apply to the cruise missile, they also apply to an older, less glorious instrument of war-- the dive bomber. During the one major war in which dive bombing was extensively employed, it provided a novel combination of destructive power and precision, enabling its use in various roles-- interdiction,…

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  • Informative Essay On Louis Ted Seith

    “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it” - Douglas MacArthur. You must be able to risk things in order to have a gain. He was born on January 17, 1921 and passed away on March 6, 2007 at the age of 86. Louis Ted Seith was the commander of the 483rd Bomb Group which destroyed the only flying prototype of the Nazi Long Range Bomber and lots of fighter jets while more than 200 enemy fighters opened fire on the bomb squadron without an escort from ally fighter jets. He may have…

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  • Essay On Boston Marathon Bombing

    responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. The terror ended after the brothers were captured four days later. Boston Marathon Bombing 2013 Boston Marathon was held on Patriots’ day. At 2:49 pm , 2 vicious bombs exploded Killed 3 spectators , wounded more than 260 other people . The two brothers 19 year- old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and 26 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are recognized as the boston marathon bombers . The brothers planted two bombs which was set off near the finish line of…

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  • Saturday's Bombing In The New York Times

    members of the US Marine Corps and their families. Someone ironically for the bomber, the race’s high turnout led to it being delayed. The bomb in New Jersey makes much more sense to us. There’s a clear message, even if it is a reprehensible one. Even without a manifesto, we can start to comprehend the bomber’s performance, though their exact ideological background will be hazy without more context. But we cannot understand the bomb in Chelsea without more information. It seems random, without…

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  • Wing Beam Design

    The Air Staff has determined the B-52 wing must be redesigned to better support additional structural demands. The engineering design project was conducted to construct a new wing beam design for the B-52 bomber and to compose an analysis of the new main wing spar. Given the information and the requirements that must be met with this design, our team went through the steps of the design process to come up with 3 concept variants. Of the 3 variants, we recommend to the Air Staff that the beam is…

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  • The Late Fowl Analysis

    The Late Fowl. What a name. Such a name evokes images of worn establishment, either in the middle or at the corner of a block of other equally worn local businesses. It would distinguished from the others by a tired irish green crest of a sign, it’s name in an old, tired yellow imitation of gold lettering. There would be glazed windows and a few neon signs, most an advertisement for beer brands besides the one that said “OPE.” The “N” hasn’t lit up for some time, and will most likely remain in…

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  • Best Dive Bar Essay

    Dive bars are broadly defined as a shabby and disreputable establishment—essentially the lowest of quality drinking establishments. Though there are numerous guides to Boston’s “best dive bars,” this complicates the definition of what exactly constitutes what makes a bar a “dive”. If a dive bar is always shabby and seedy, is it possible to be “the best” in being the worst? If so, would the award for the best dive bar actually go to the worst? Many of these common standards that define a dive…

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  • Summer Time Research Paper

    early Monday thru Thursday I woke up at 6:30 just to make it to summer workouts on time. After workouts me and a few others from the basketball team would go up to the gym and shoot around. Then at 12:00 i would have to be at work. I had the perfect summer job, I worked at the Pawnee bathhouse as a lif guard. Days at the bathhouse were fun and entertaining. One of my favorite times was when Caleb finally “jumped” off the high dive. He was are most loyal swimmer coming everyday we opened from the…

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  • Essay On Photoethnography

    For my photoethnography project, I decided to observe local dive bar Frank & Marlee’s in Oxford, Mississippi. Frank and Marlee’s hosts a special every Tuesday called “Taco Tuesday” and offers dollar tacos, as well as eight-dollar margarita pitchers. Many students and residents frequent this tavern to enjoy drinks and food everyday. However even though many people find Frank & Marlee’s accepting and inviting, I discovered many attributes often don’t represent that notion. Todd Lynch and his…

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