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  • 1930s Women In The 1930s Essay

    The Role of Women in the 1930’s As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The women know that life must go on and that the needs of life must be met and it is their courage and determination which, time and again, have pulled us through worse crises than the present one” (BBC). The 1930’s had major effects on the women of the time. Suddenly women were employed, minorities had it harder than ever before, and the gap between rural and urban life widened. For perhaps the first time in the 1930’s women were present in the workplace. Families needed more money to make ends meet during the Great Depression. In 1930, about 11 million women were employed; and by 1940, 13 million women were employed. Seventy-five percent of professional women were either nurses or schoolteachers (University of West…

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  • 1930s American Women In The 1930's

    The Great Depression in the 1930’s was a wearisome time for Americans, mostly due to the stock market crash on October 29th, 1929. While people struggled financially during 1930s, there were social aspects that corresponded with the obstruction of American lives. As men were without jobs, women were often forced to conform into more than “homemaker” to keep with family demands. In the United States, women felt the social bearing of misfortunes between 1929 and 1939 through discrimination upon…

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  • Women In The 1930's

    “At the beginning of the 1930s, more than 15 million Americans–fully one-quarter of all wage-earning workers–were unemployed” (“The 1930s”). The 1930’s was made up of The Great Depression, racial issues, and the lack of rights for women. The Great Depression started in 1929, letting go thousands of people from their jobs, this made life very difficult with many families jobless. This then affected how racial issues increased and women’s lives changed. All men lost their jobs, colored men first,…

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  • The Role Of Art In The 1930s

    My essay will be about 1930s art. Art in the 30s was barely hanging on because everyone was poor because of the evil great depression. If I were born in the 1930s I’d probably go to every art show because the art back in the day was so colorful and nice looking. Art was how people survived during the great depression because art boosted national pride and helped Americans get jobs. Also in order for artists to stay in business they had to have mass audiences. But, many places didn’t get as…

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  • 1930s Fashion Essay

    Innovative Fashion of the 1930s As the Great Depression swept through the country with its terrible spells of poverty, fashion adjusted to fit the civilians’ needs. Recorded descriptions and pictures of the 30’s only show the elite and the wealthy in attire, but really, normal civilians went by the motto of The phrase "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without".(Busk, Judy) Most of the time, fashion originates from celebrities setting new trends, but the 1930’s took a more practical…

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  • Entertainment In The 1930's

    Now wasn't that, just a nice way to start off the night? I just love performing in The Cotton Club. This is the only place where you can see me, Ella Jane Fitzgerald, the queen of jazz. But the best thing about performing is being able to make a difference in all aspects of entertainment. Anything from skid stat doowop to the belting of show tunes onstage to the roar of excitement over a home run is an example of what you would hear in the 30s entertainment.The 30s was the beginning of the…

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  • 1930s Economic Effects

    On October 24,1929, the stock market began to crash, sending the country into a depression that would last nearly a decade. Unemployment was rising and there were more housing foreclosures, which left people homeless. Food lines were common and bank closings were the norm. Out in the Plains, a drought started and the wind began to blow, kicking up dust, and causing catastrophic damage to the land and to the agricultural economy. The 1930s was a decade of strife and struggle that brought about…

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  • Women Dress In The 1930s

    Many women during the Great Depression had to work twice as hard than men to be accepted in society. Women in the 1930’s were not perceived as strong because of their gender, and females were supposed to be weak. Eleanor Roosevelt said,“A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong it is until it 's in hot water.” Women like Eleanor Roosevelt worked towards women being equal in society. Harper Lee, the author of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird shared the same views as Eleanor Roosevelt,…

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  • Hoovervilles In The 1930's

    things, and the ground inside was dirt or clay. The people would be kicked out of their houses because they couldn’t pay their mortgages. The name “hooverville” came from the president at the time herbert Hoover. Many states had these little towns that had up to 1000 shacks in them. Around two million people were homeless during the great depression and that included all races because of getting evicted from their homes. There were around 6000 hoovervilles across the U.S by 1930. These people…

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  • Racial Issues In The 1930s Essay

    The 1930s was a time of difficulty for everyone living in America at the time, both black and white, both young and old. There were many problematic occurings in the 1930s like the Great Depression and racial issues. Both of these problems greatly affected how people lived the 1930s. These events affected lifestyle of every person living in America, these events showed how African Americans were mistreated during this time period, and racial issues created a lack of racial equality The Great…

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