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  • Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture

    Agriculture in most developing economies is the core sector providing a livelihood to a significant proportion of population, especially in rural areas. Since this sector faces the largest burnt of underemployment, unemployment and poverty, a growing agriculture and allied sector is expected to contribute vastly to overall growth and poverty alleviation. Increasing the productive capacity of agriculture through higher productivity has been an important goal in developing countries. There has been decline in the share of agriculture sector in the overall gross domestic product (GDP) mainly on account of the high growth in services sector. The share of agriculture in GDP was 29.76 per cent during 1993-94 to 1995-96 and this fell to 16.7 per cent during the period 2004-05 to 2006-07. Agriculture is the dominant and major sector in the country as well as in Kashmir and is considered the backbone of state economy, in reality; however, it has been treated as as a backbone without a spinal cord, because its position has been deplorable. From time immemorial rice has been the staple crop in Kashmir grown through out the valley of Kashmir and the staple food of the indigenous population. Yet, the state has never acquired self-sufficiency in food grains, in spite of agriculture sector continuing to be the major sector contributor to the state domestic product. However the analysis of data reveals that the dependence on agriculture as a permanent occupation is continuously declining.…

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  • The Pell Grant: Effects On Higher Education

    Introduction Both the federal and state governments play a crucial role in helping to finance higher education. While it is true that both levels provide an important amount of aid, it seems that in today’s world the importance of funding given by the federal government has increased. The increase in the reliance on the federal government for funding is a result of the decrease in the amount of appropriations given by the states (Kretovics, 2011). Without the passage of the Higher Education…

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  • Sample Research Questions

    Untitled Research Questions: This research was conducted to investigate the different options that students undertake to make their financial costs less burdensome and more affordable while being enrolled in Undergraduate or Graduate programs at Brandeis University. Often times, students find other ways to reduce costs through optional plans, beyond what the institution has to offer and which are optional—like housing, meal plan, among other expenses. One of those options is to not live on…

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  • Examples Of Structuralism In Slumdog Millionaire

    Looking Slumdog Millionaire Through Good and Evil In Reading Lessons, Scott Carpenter states “Structuralism is a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (27), explaining it is a collection of many theories and patterns which are not actually focus on a single goal but can be studied from any point of view. Structuralism doesn’t study the original purpose of creator but focus in the structure of the text or movie. Carpenter illustrates that “just because an author meant…

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  • Tynisha Soares Research Paper

    Also, Tynisha coached her after her school acting as her both Manager and Father figure, she launch her gig at the Strand Theatre in Boson and she performed her song 'Never can say Goodbye'. Then Tynisha moved to LA a year later and landed a spot on the Gyrlz society and the group was all American girl group comparing four members. The four girls are Amy Correa, Melissa Tessmen, Tynisha Keli and Katy Scanlan. The Gyrlz society released their single, Double 'D' Mix, produced by Damon Jones in…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life Changed With A Girl

    I always thought I was normal, but on the seventh month of the 17th day in the year of 2414 my life changed I met a girl. I know you guys are thinking a girl really wow, but she was different she changed everything literally. Before I get carried away let me tell you how I met her it was a warm, but breezy day kind of like today funny how that stuff works, back to what I was saying me and some of my buddies were out on the beach because in California you surf end of story. We had just came in…

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  • My First Day Of 8th Grade

    I came home to unpack the night before the first day of 8th grade started. I had just spent a week with my dad before summer vacation came to an end. My mom called me downstairs to have a discussion with her and Ron, my step dad. I assumed it had something to do with Ron’s kids, Vanessa and Trey, moving in with us. But to my great surprise, they told me that they were getting a divorce and Ron would be moving out that night. Those next couple weeks were kind of a blur. My mom was calling our…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Time To Never Be Forgotten

    A Time to Never be Forgotten I will never forget the hot Florida sun in the summertime or the squeaking of basketball shoes moving across the hardwood court. All this happened when I was in the 3rd grade. As I was eager to get out of Kansas, I started packing my bags the night before, and I usually never pack until my mom is yelling at me at the top of her lungs to get out of the door. This was going to be my second time heading back to Florida, but my first time going there for basketball. We…

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  • Reflection: How Communication Is Important In Human Communication

    Communication is very important in human civilization history and it has been developed until today so that people will know the best and efficient way to deliver messages to the audience. Generally, people used to think that speaking is the best way to communicate to other people, however for me, speaking is not the only best way to communicate to the people because we can send our ideas or message to other people by using many different ways. In this class, I was taught to have good skills of…

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  • Fall Break Reflection

    This week was a little difficult not because of school because it is the week before fall break. Last year, did not have fall break due to basketball, but this year I did. (The week of September the twenty- sixth to October the second.) My mind was not on anything school this entire week, but I knew if I wanted my behavior to stick I would have to keep it up. The week was not that bad. All my teacher were taking notes and just getting ready for mid-terms after fall break. Thursday we had project…

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