1953 Iranian coup d'état

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  • All The Shah's Men Essay

    saw interest in Iran. The fight for oil began, and continued even after the Majlis nationalized the industry in 1951 with the help of the newly elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh. Mossadegh was at first considered not a threat by the United States, but because of the ongoing fear of communism during the Cold War the view on Mossadegh shifted radically. This shift in views in the United States leads to the 1953 Iranian coup. The book All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer draws through the events leading up to the 1953…

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  • What Causes Intelligence Failure

    However, as Robert Jervis mentions at the beginning of his post-mortem on the Iranian Revolution of the late 1970s, comparative analysis of intelligence successes and failures could help to shed light on defects within the intelligence field. Through the creation and utilization of post-mortems of both intelligence failures and successes, the United States Intelligence Community would be able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of defects in intelligence, and ultimately come to better…

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