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  • 1970s Pop Culture: The 1970s Popular Culture

    March 2017 1970s Popular Culture/Music The 1970s pop culture is a blend of both the 1960s and an individual movement impacted by the Vietnam War. It was a pivotal time in history as fashion, cars, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and disco dancing all shaped the coming decades. There was a tremendous amount of growth in the economy in the 1970s with inflation being so high. The 1970s brought the end of the Vietnam War, colorful disco fashion, and a television in every home. It was a decade of great change where most people just wanted a happy life and there was a huge amount of promoting peace. The 1970s revolutionized fashion into a new and fun way. It was full of bright pastel colors, flowers, and smiley faces to…

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  • Girl With Pink Hat Analysis

    Comparing to how Thiebaud creates art, Joan Brown, a “second generation” artist of Bay Area figurative movement, integrates more personal elements into her self-portrait “Woman Wearing Mask”. In the work, Brown portrays herself as a woman who wears lingerie and red heels standing in a home setting with a purple cat mask. The redness of bra, underwear, and heels highlights the sexual attractiveness of the woman. With a comic effect, the purple cat mask satirizes women’s lack of identity and…

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  • How Did Prejudice And Prejudice Affect The Development Of Sociology Essay

    Unit 1 Discussion Thread How did prejudice and discrimination affect the development of sociology in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Grading Rubric: Required Discussion Elements Point Value Thoroughly responded to each topic/question in initial post 25 Proper citation of the material. 5 Respond to 2 classmates. (10 points each) 20 No spelling or grammar errors. 5 Total possible points 50 • Gender – women did not have a right to vote and they were not treated as equal in…

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  • Objectives Of Kohler Marketing

    Marketing Objectives Kohler’s large presence in the faucet industry creates an opportunity to bring new and innovative products to market. Kohlers mission, “At the core of Kohler Styles change. But some things should never be altered, like our commitment to bold innovation and gracious living.” (“Mission,” n.d.). Guided by their core values, Kohler is pushing the industry forward with the introduction of the Hygieia. Goals • Increase target market awareness through social media, advertising,…

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  • Difference Between Television Then And Now

    Television Between the Seventies and Now From the beginning of the early seventies to the present day, television has changed dramatically. Our views on these subjects have changed and has altered the shows being shown. The seventies were more strict on what was shown and anything that wasn’t considered correct. Today’s television is all about exploiting everything that isn’t correct, getting the dirt on people out in the open. Topics like racism, women 's roles, family, and heterosexism have…

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  • 1970s And 1970s Essay

    The issues in education throughout the 1970s and 1980s revolved around educational opportunities. A renewed focus on inclusion and equality advanced opportunities, while reforms focused on educational achievement. Politics and the Social Pulse of the 1970s and 1980s Americans began to protest the Vietnam War in the early 1970s. The cost of the war was expensive, causing budget deficits resulting in high inflation that spanned Jimmy Carter’s presidency. The 1970s were considered a liberal…

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  • 1970's Vs 1970

    The insecurity of the Middle East and economic crisis at home had left a bad taste in Americans’ assurance towards their neighbors or other citizens and the government. The golden age was over and the United States had moved into a recession. From the third unit notes that Dr. Maunula had given the class, he stated two reasons that played a role in the decline of production was the aging industrial plant and managerial problems. The inflation of the 1970s was awful. It caused a combination of a…

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  • 1970s Energy Crisis 1970s

    Crisis of the 1970s There was several crisis in the 1970s that contributed to the economic down fall of the United States in the 1970s. The capacity of the crisis was the energy; there was tremendous gas shortages. One of the other big crisis was the continuing of Vietnam War. The war cause production of goods to slow down in the United States and caused unemployment to soar over 6%. In addition, the United States became a consumer of goods and not a producer of goods. The 1970s was to the end…

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  • 1970's Programs In The 1970s Essay

    Early programs in the 1970’s were not successful. The programs had opposition from both management and labor because these programs were created from the outside also, they thought these programs were not the traditional form of unionism. They also feared in- formal solutions would weaken them. Economic instability increased in the 1980s and there was an increase in these programs and changes were made to collective-bargaining. The labor movement has been supportive about employee…

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  • Similarities Between 1970's And 1970

    Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, society’s perception of drug use in the United States was entirely different as opposed to today. In the eyes of society, drugs were used as a symbol of peace and freedom during a time of protests and reform movements for equality. However, in response to this large scale drug use in our society, the Controlled Substance Act was enacted in 1970, which placed chemical substances and the control of select plants under federal jurisdiction. A year later in June of…

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