Travoprost: A Case Study

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Mail Order states that on 7/25/16, Mrs. Wysong contacted customer service to place an order for Travoprost. The representative advised Mrs. Wysong the estimated delivery date would be on 8/2/16. The representative referred the authorized representative to the Clinical Department to verify the correct strength of Travoprost. On 7/25/16, an automated call from Mail Order to the member on to contact customer service, because the medication requested was temporary unavailable. Mail Order states they do not show any record of the member calling back to customer service about the medication being unavailable.

On 8/21/2016, Mail Order states Mrs.Wysong called to check the order status of Travoprost Dro. The representative that spoke with Mrs. Wysong informed her an automated call took place on 7/25/16 requesting the member a call to customer
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Wysong called customer service and spoke to Mike, who placed an order for Travoprost and advised it will be expedited as a courtesy. On 8/23/16, Mrs. Wysong called customer service again requesting to speak with a supervisor. Mail Order stated that Armando was professional and assisted Mrs. Wysong with resolving mail order discrepancy. Armando contacted the clinical department to check the status of when Travoprost would be available for dispensing. The Clinical Department advised Armando Travoprost discontinued. Armando instead contacted a local CVS pharmacy within the member city to ask Travoprost be filled. On 8/23/2016 the local CVS pharmacy confirms they were able to fulfil the prescription request on the member’s behalf. Armando contacted Mrs. Wysong on 8/23 to relay that the members medication Travoprost is to be filled at a local CVS. Unfortunately, Armando was unable to reach the member or Mrs. Wysong, instead left a voice message relaying what he was able to carry out so that the member is able receive their prescription. I hope the member does not experience any more issues going

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