Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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During my job as a problem solver issues are brought to my attention that have to be actioned straight away where there is no time to ask questions. A problem was brought to my attention that we had reports of a product that had infestation problems, the product in question was Bird seed. I myself had to look into this straight away as it was a problem that would immediately impact Amazons customers. I first had to locate which product this was and would ask the associate who brought this to my attention to show me the location. After inspecting the product it was found that there were small black creatures crawling around inside the bags. My second task was to deal with the customer orders that had already been packed off and waiting on pallets to be sent to customers, lucky enough I managed to stop most of these orders and prevent any being sent to customers. The next steps I had to take was to cancel all customer orders attached to this item, In total it was around 50+ orders that …show more content…
In total 25 Pallets were recovered from their locations and placed into one area away from any other stock, this was only temporary as I needed to inform our ICQA department. As this stock was not suitable to be sold in its current state myself and the ICQA associate agreed that all the stock was to be deleted and destroyed. As a preventative measure was needed an email was sent out by myself to our inbound team and ICQA team to inform them that a full quality check was needed on all incoming stock for this item. It was later found that there was an issue with the supplier where the problem originated from the factory where the bird seed was being produced.
My quick actions in dealing with this problem resulted in many customers not receiving bad product and further stock from being sent

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