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  • Vocational Rehabilitation Case Study Plan Examples

    Hello Ms. Finkelman, I would like to express my sincere thanks that you have taken time out of your schedule to work with me on my Vocational Rehabilitation Case. I’m aware that you made an exception to your busy schedule to even see me on Monday, 26 October, at 10:30 am. That is why I wanted to ensure that I express my thoughts to you in a written correspondence that you might reference in my absence. Requesting vocational rehabilitation services to attain a doctoral degree is not the normal; I know and fully understand that; however I would like VA to know by doing so they will be fulfilling a lifetime goal of a disabled Veteran. One of the vocational rehabilitation program goals is to help veteran train, or retrain to a new profession that will not aggravate their service connected disabilities, that is my plan, it just executed to a higher degree than most. Presently, educating myself in a new profession at the highest level is in my best interest. My VA disability claim was awarded on or about 1 August 2015, so the true concerns that I needed assistance in were really ignored until they were substantiated by the VA. While educating myself, focus will be on addressing medical concerns and necessary treatment before entering back into the workforce. The medical concerns that I am currently being seen for are as follows: Condition Treatment PTSD Group Therapy Session Right Knee Physical Therapy Sleep Apnea Sleep Doctor Bladder Control Occupational…

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  • 80's Impact On American Culture

    The 1980s has a large impact on our world today. The people of the 1980s helped our culture be the way that it is today. Without the eighties our world would not be nearly as fun, and would not have very good technology. The eighties was a time of change in culture and economy. It is important to our history, and a lot of change happened. The eighties has a huge impact on our culture today, and we have the lifestyle that we do because of the eighties. The main parts of the eighties that impact…

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  • Bani Sadr Hostage Crisis Essay

    In May 1989, the claims of the conspirators began to fall apart as soon as the people around Bush began talking. The Secret Service spoke first and an agent proclaimed Bush had not left the country. News accounts also proved Rupp and Brenneke’s claims improbable. Using the Secret Service accounts and news reals, Bush is publicly accounted for “down to the hour.” On October seventeenth, he campaigned for Reagan in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On the Nineteenth, he had a campaign speech at…

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  • Essay On Bad Decisions Makes The Best Story

    Bad decisions, makes the best stories. Truitt Odom One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as a adventure. ~ William Feather. It was summer, one month after my 17th birthday, and, even though I had a lot of great adventures with the people I loved, I still wasn 't satisfied. So I took of work, grabbed my two best friends, Trey and Parker, and we set out on nonstop adventure for 3 days, which led to a Whataburger bill of over $100, running…

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  • Compare And Contrast Reagan And Matthew Dalek

    Historians Philip Jenkins and Matthew Dallek offer differing views on the achievements completed during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. While both historians do not seem to have liked president Ronald Reagan much, they base their suggestions about his presidency’s results on at least partially historically defensible claims. Although I understand why both historians said what they did based on historical facts from Reagan’s presidency, I find myself agreeing with Philip Jenkins’s statement of…

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  • How Did Prejudice And Prejudice Affect The Development Of Sociology Essay

    Unit 1 Discussion Thread How did prejudice and discrimination affect the development of sociology in America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries? Grading Rubric: Required Discussion Elements Point Value Thoroughly responded to each topic/question in initial post 25 Proper citation of the material. 5 Respond to 2 classmates. (10 points each) 20 No spelling or grammar errors. 5 Total possible points 50 • Gender – women did not have a right to vote and they were not treated as equal in…

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  • 13 Going On 30 Movie Review Essay

    13 Going on 30 is a romantic comedy fantasy film, written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, produced under the direction of Gary Winick – who is well known with this kind of theme, his other movie “Bride Wars” also got a big applause since it released. 13 Going on 30 was a successful production in 2004, both on DVD rental and box office, grossed over $90 millions just after a few weeks. The movie is a story of a 13 year old girl Jenna, who desperately want to become a “Thirty, Flirty, Thriving”…

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  • Women In The 1980s

    Women in 1980s Films The 1980s experienced a shift toward conservatism, which could be attributed to political factors. Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, and conservative policies were quickly adopted. He devised an economic plan, which ultimately failed and created a high budget deficit. Nonetheless, the 1980s were plagued by consumerism and materialism, as more young men and women went to college and entered high-paying jobs (“The 1980s”). Without a doubt, women had made great…

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  • Great Advancements In The 1980

    To say that America experienced great advancements and developments in the 1980?s and beyond would be an understatement. Many of the things that happened during this time period have helped shape the America that we know and see today. It is because of these advancements and developments that we are able to experience such a high level of globalization, free markets, and neoliberal economic policies; if these changes had not taken place, we would be living in an entirely different country than…

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  • 1980s: The Seven Sisters

    IN 1980s the seven sisters (shell,exxon mobil and all) were set aside and new seven sister replaced those companies. What was the raeson behind this shift? Old seven sisters: 1. Anglo persian oil company (United Kingdom) 2. Gulf Oil (United states). 3. Royal dutch shell (Netherlands/United kingdom). 4. Standard oil of California (United states). 5. Standard oil of New Jersey (United states) 6. Standard oil company of New York (United states) 7. Texaco (United states). New seven sisters: 1.…

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