1970s Pop Culture: The 1970s Popular Culture

Alyssa Potts
Period 4
22 March 2017
1970s Popular Culture/Music The 1970s pop culture is a blend of both the 1960s and an individual movement impacted by the Vietnam War. It was a pivotal time in history as fashion, cars, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and disco dancing all shaped the coming decades. There was a tremendous amount of growth in the economy in the 1970s with inflation being so high. The 1970s brought the end of the Vietnam War, colorful disco fashion, and a television in every home. It was a decade of great change where most people just wanted a happy life and there was a huge amount of promoting peace.
The 1970s revolutionized fashion into a new and fun way. It was full of bright pastel colors, flowers, and smiley faces to
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Some of the best movies are from the 1970s. The 1970s showed many great rising actors and actresses. “From mafia films to mental asylum films to films in another galaxy, the seventies stretched our imaginations beyond their limits.”1 There were many new and different kinds of movies that helped shaped the film industries. “A trend that began in 1971 that gathered more force in 1972 were “Black Films,” as they were called back then, films directed and written and acted primarily by African Americans.”1 African Americans were participating in films which were a trend in the 1970s. Many of the films in the 1970s are still popular today such as ‘Star Wars’ that is filming more and more movies based off the one that was filmed in the 1970s.
Television in the 1970s showed the truth but today’s society would just say its offensive. “Because of offensiveness, the FCC received a record number of complaints.”1 There were many complaints made because of what was shown on television during this time. “Not only did TV ban cigarette ads, but it also made new restrictions for violence.”1
1. “The 1970s.” Retrowaste. 4 March 2017
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“Tragedy was marked most notably by the 1972 Summer Olympics where terrorists invaded the Olympic grounds and killed 11 Israeli athletes and coaches.”1 With the popularity of the television and with one in almost every home, sports became even more watched by Americans everywhere. One of the most popular football shows, Monday night football, was started in 1970. “At the end of the 70's two major changes in the game happened 1. ESPN and 2. three point line added.”2 2. “1970s Important News and Events, Key Technology Fashion and Popular Culture.” The People History. 4 March

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