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  • Funk Music History

    blow up overnight and influence the hip hop music of tomorrow. Of course, hip hop music did not spring out of the blue, but rather it was a newly packaged form of musical delivery that ascended from the music that preceded it. Thus, hip hop was not just a music style that followed funk music, it was directly influenced by this genre and it is a musical descendant of both funk and it is evident through its lyrics, feeling, and recurring themes. Although funk is such a large and diverse genre musically, one of its strongest…

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  • Funk Music Analysis

    Funk music as an expression brought with it a newly packaged music that was capable of fully embracing both the performers’ and audiences energies. Funk emphasized dancing and how it further expressed implicit meanings not always explicitly understood through the lyrics. Funk music opened the door for a particular subculture, black youth, to take their form of dance expression and broadcast it across the United States through the culturally important program Soul Train. In particular, the…

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  • Funk And Wagnall's Report

    Funk and Wagnall’s give a universal description of gun control. Afterwards, they go into the issue at federal levels, citing the second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution along with court cases setting precedence and bills enacted. Nonetheless revealing that state and local levels are problematic by the idealism that states and localities are free to enforce their own policies. Finally, pressure from organizations on both sides of the gun control battle makes this a highly contentious political…

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  • Beatboxing And The Saxophone: Music Analysis

    area during the 1960s. It is a subgenre of funk music which is a compromised of soul, jazz, and R&B music. Funk at the time was new form style of music creating a danceable form of music. Much of Go-go is African-inspired music consisting of very rhythmic based instruments. Unlike funk, go-go music focuses more on having the audience participating during the piece being performed. A call and response system is used during the music. The musician will say something for the audience to repeat at a…

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  • Jazz Vs Rock Music Essay

    They use variety of instruments. Also jazz and rock music, are popular. They both had lot of influence on the culture and music. Both of the styles heavily influenced the styles of music from year to year. They both have the same song length; on average jazz and rock music have song length of 3 to 5 minutes. They both use the available instruments. The main thing about both of the music styles is the utilization of the musical instruments. In the absence of those instruments, both of the musical…

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  • Analysis Of Alright, By Kendrick Lamar

    In this performance he focuses more on his community by stating his independent stance, advocacy and compassion as a performing artist, presenting his work in such a way, and sampling jazz, rap, and a little funk to diversify the sound while spreading awareness to police brutality towards the African American community. For this reason, I would consider this a breakthrough performance for not only Kendrick Lamar but for the African American community as a whole. The sounds of the trumpet, beat…

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  • James Brown Last Words

    “The Last Words of the Great James Brown” Do you remember some of the most famous words your icon ever said before? Well James Brown said, “When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy. People don’t go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it.” By his inspirational words and encouragement, I felt motivated to better myself as an entertainer. James Brown’s last words indicated that he was an inspirational, hardworking, and social activist who focused on his dreams…

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  • 1970s Pop Culture: The 1970s Popular Culture

    truth but today’s society would just say its offensive. “Because of offensiveness, the FCC received a record number of complaints.”1 There were many complaints made because of what was shown on television during this time. “Not only did TV ban cigarette ads, but it also made new restrictions for violence.”1 1. “The 1970s.” Retrowaste. 4 March 2017 . People were very strict on what should and should not be shown on television. People from today would not understand the meaning on what was shown…

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  • Visual Analysis: Judgement Day By Black Gabriel

    Judgement Day Visual Analysis Annually, people become educated about the final days on earth and what will take place. On the final days, God will destroy the earth, create a paradise for those who are faithful to him and punish those who were unfaithful or unenlightened of his will. The judgement will include adults, teenagers, toddlers and infants. Unfortunately, there are many people that are unaware of their religious status within themselves and with God. Our society is covered with…

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  • Theoretical Analysis Of The Song 'Glory' By John Legend

    Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date Tune-Up The song named “Glory” is an inspiring production by Common and his colleague John Legend. John is a famous American singer who has had other releases. Common is known as a rapper while John Legend is a songwriter. The song is a single from the album Selma. Selma refers to a movie documenting the history of events in the 1965 era. At that time, there was a protest march from Selma to Montgomery which led by Dr. Martin…

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