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  • History Of Disco

    popular music industry, the disco genre has always polarised opinions. The subject of some quite literally explosive protests, many have hated disco for its supposed vapidity and homogeneity, and few have defended it. I will assert that the “disco sucks” movement was a populist declaration of difference and supposedly superior taste, musical purism built on racist, homophobic and hyper-masculine ideologies. My essay will be based on ideas from Richard Dyer’s In Defence of Disco (originally published in Gay Left magazine, 1979), as well as more recent writings analysing Dyer’s work. I will also use Pierre Bourdieu’s concepts of distinction and cultural capital found in Distinction, as well as Nicholas…

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  • Disco In The Music Industry

    1. Dyer is literally doing what his title expresses and is attempting to defend disco from those who accuse it as a capitalist form of music. He also lists the positive aspects of disco, not only the music but also the culture surrounding it. Through the ‘debunking’ of capitalism and almost humanizing and describing the characteristics of disco that relate it to other forms of music, including those that oppose the nature of disco, and to human experience, including queer movements, he makes his…

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  • Music In The Digital Era

    the music industry by using some of the same tools that musicians used to create disco music in the 1970s. When comparing both disco and electronic dance music, not much has changed. Obviously the recording methods of songs has become better and more efficient, as a large portion of this musical genre is created using computer software rather than physical recording equipment. EDM also stays true to its roots by following four beats per measure, but in order to appeal to modern music consumers,…

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  • 1970s Pop Culture: The 1970s Popular Culture

    Alyssa Potts Period 4 22 March 2017 1970s Popular Culture/Music The 1970s pop culture is a blend of both the 1960s and an individual movement impacted by the Vietnam War. It was a pivotal time in history as fashion, cars, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and disco dancing all shaped the coming decades. There was a tremendous amount of growth in the economy in the 1970s with inflation being so high. The 1970s brought the end of the Vietnam War, colorful disco fashion, and a television in every…

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  • The Sun Is Also A Star Essay

    is describing her half of her room, she says, “My side still looks lived-in. My books are on my small IKEA shelf. My favorite picture of me and my best friend, Bev, is still sitting on my desk… I haven’t removed a single item of clothing from my dresser. I haven’t even taken down my NASA star map poster” (4). Natasha gives a detailed description of her half of the room with everything that she has in it. This helps the reader visualize the setting of the book and feel a closer connection…

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  • The Hippie Era

    group” (Powers 2). The most infamous disco club was Studio 54. This place was regularly packed and hosted numerous amounts of celebrities. Studio 54 earned a reputation for being snobbish and elitist, the epitome of “Me Decade” narcissism (Mankwoski 6). The 2001 Odyssey discotheque was a more conventional way people experienced the club. Discotheques were notorious for embracing drug use and having leniency towards sexual activities. Both Gay and Straight discotheques had individuals attending…

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  • Analysis Of Economic Status And Raving By Christina Robinson

    EDM as it is called today, found it 's roots in the evolution of the disco scene from the 1970 's with artists like Giorgio Moroder and the track “I Feel Love” he produced for Donna Summer in 1977 which would be the first track to have a completely synthesized backing track. This would help create an electronic sound that would evolve through the 1970 's and help create electro music from the 1980 's. By the late 80 's, house music would take over the club scene in Europe where people would…

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  • Dance Critique

    I enjoyed a lot is Wild and Free (draft 5) (2015). This dance was created by Choreographer Frederick Earl Mosley. Not only were the dance moves so energetic but so was the music. The music is was what helped created so much energy and excitement on stage and off stage. The music was done by NY Drums and Len Faki. It had such a modern and disco sound to it. There a total of twenty-seven dancers on stage, which made the whole dance floor look so packed. But with all those people on stage it…

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  • Funk Music History

    Much like funk of the past, the hip hop of today is seeing a shift that heavily focuses on the feeling and good vibes that the music brings to the listener. Funk would eventually pass the popularity torch to disco music, whose focus was more so on dance and the listener’s reaction, than the lyrics and message of the song. Earth, Wind & Fire was a group that seemed to be caught in this transition and continued to succeed commercially by adapting to the changing audience preference and creating…

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  • B-Boying Subculture

    became the new symbol of the era. The area was predominately African-American and Puerto Rican. Most lived in subsidized housing or co-ops which landlords found hard to maintain. Many paid gangs to burn down their apartment buildings to collect the insurance money. (4) Gangs, drugs and prostitution ruled th ce streets. Heroin and crack were at epidemic proportions. Out of this misery, a new form of dance expression was born as part of the Hip Hop movement. B-boying and Hip Hop were…

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