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  • The Discovery Channel Case Study

    Synopsis of Case The purpose of this paper is to describe the overall communications strategies of an organization, The Discovery Channel. The paper will analyze how this organization uses digital media effectively as a marketing tool for branding and communicating with both current and prospective customers. The main data comes from research done at the organization website and from other experts in the fields. It is the opinion of marketing experts that in this digital age, an organization stands to gain much more than just exposure, but by using, the various digital components introduce their goods and services to a wider market and over the long run, create a brand. Branding in the digital age requires strong internal communication and…

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  • Case Study Of Inadvertent Disclosure

    privileged documents when (1) the products liability team inspected each document included in the discovery; (2) the amount of inadvertent disclosures was miniscule; (3) the degree of disclosure was rather small; (4) Mr. Fitzgerald requested the return as soon as he became aware; and (5) the client has a right to prevent disclosure of confidential communication, as well as an attorney having a responsibility to notify an opposing firm of reasonably determined privileged communication? BRIEF…

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  • Science And Symbolism In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    will be severely punished if the Council discovers their actions, but he does it anyway. He even knows that he is exploring an artifact form the Unmentionable Times and those " 'are damned who touch the things of the Unmentionable Times" '(33). He risks severe punishment but does it so he can explore what he does not understand, ultimately leading to his own scientific discoveries. This defiance leads to a place for the lab where he uncovers one of the mysteries of the past: electricity. In…

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  • Collaboration When Bearing In Margaret Edson's Wit

    The behaviors of medical staff in the play Wit by Margaret Edson (1998) allow us to view different circumstances that take place. In the play, patients are supposed to be the main focus of all care. Susie Monahan, the primary nurse of one patient, Vivian Bearing, who suffers from stage four ovarian cancer, is one of the few health professionals whose caring attributes display the principle that the focus of care should be on the patient. However, if Monahan was part of the collaborating team,…

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  • A First Book In American History Summary

    problematic, authors would make sacrifices such as, lessen or refrain from certain context that seem dull or undesirable knowledge for readers. For instance, First book in American History, published in 1899, has a positive outlook, contrast with A People’s History of the United States, published 1995, that has a mature rated appearance, due to impropriate incidents such as man-slaughtering. Moreover, Muzzy introduces his thoughts as “The discovery of America was an accident.”(1), and many…

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  • Introduction To Cosmography Essay

    In 1506, two men by the names of Matthias Ringmann and Martin Waldseemüller, collaborated together on a magnificent map that depicted something no one had ever seen before. Through the descriptive letters from a Florentine merchant, Amerigo Vespucci, Ringmann and Waldseemüller were able to formulate a textbook titled, Introduction to Cosmography, as well as create a massive map, which revealed a missing piece of the known world. These works were largely known to be extinct, yet one was…

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  • Describe The Initiate's Life Before The Call

    1. Describe the Initiate's life before the Call Before the Call, the initiate, Ponyboy, is a 14 year old boy who lives with his two brothers Sodapop and Darry. He lives in a society where the population is separated into two different gangs : the Socs (the rich kids from the West-side) and the Greasers (the kids from the East-side). The Socs are a very brutal gang that enjoy bullying and attaking the Greasers : "Not like the Socs [..] for kicks" (page 3). 2. The Call, where conflict is…

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  • The Transformation Of The Protagonist In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    From Equality 7-2521 to Prometheus: The Transformation of the Protagonist in “Anthem” The protagonist in the novel “Anthem” by Ayn Rand undergoes three major transformations. These developments in the character are best exemplified by the character’s change in names. At the very beginning of the book, the hero of the story is identified by himself and all of his peers by the assigned title Equality 7-2521. After Equality meets his romantic interest, Liberty 5-3000, he receives a new name, the…

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  • Conquest By Law Analysis

    Lindsay G. Robertson's Conquest by Law: How the Discovery of America Dispossessed Indigenous Peoples of Their Lands centers on the landmark 1823 Supreme Court case Johnson vs. M'Intosh. Robertson's research provides previously undiscovered knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the case, placing the case in a new context. Robertson tells the story of a costly mistake, one made by the American judicial system but paid for by indigenous people who to this day suffer from the effects of…

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  • The King's Speech Critical Analysis

    Such is nature of discovery, it involves journeys that are transformative and concerns one’s relationship with one’s self or indeed the world around them. Discoveries can be either sought or serendipitous but ultimately they are concerned with the acquisition of a broadened understanding, the development of values and changing of perspectives. Director Tom Hooper’s ’The King’s Speech’ explores the transformative nature of discovery arising due to necessity resulting in emotional discoveries.…

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