Analysis Of To This Day By Shane Koyczan

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Shane Koyczan is an award-winning Canadian poet, author and performer who rose to global prominence in 2013 when he published the spoken word Poem project “To This Day”. Koyczan proficiently represents his bullying experience and its shared aims in society through the proficient use of emotionally lyrical techniques to illustrate its emotional results and the view of discovering oneself. Koyczan attract the audience attention into his personal experience by relating his own experience as a foundation on which he discovered self-identity.
Koyczan draws the difference between the real meaning of his self-identity that represents connotations of selfless sacrifice, compassion and humbleness and the perception of others who level social isolation and emotional degradation against him.
By expertly and paradoxically incorporating those who bully and those who experience the bullying as the audience of the poem, Koyczan is able to create an aspirational foundation to his message. Thus, an essential motivation of Koyczan in the poem is to convey the
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In Shane Koyczan’s poem “To this Day”, the persona was confronted with the external opinions of others, he experienced emotional isolation due to how people perceived him; his identity that was constructed by people 's perceptions of him. The quote “surrounded by people who used to say… that rhyme about sticks and stones” conveys the persona’s painful experience of letting his identity form at the mercy of those around him. The persona in Shane Koyczan’s poem took the choice of disregarding external perceptions of his identity, utilising the symbolism of the mirror, as shown in the quote, “get a better mirror…look a little closer…because there’s something inside you…that made you keep trying” in order to discover his true

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