The Discovery Channel Case Study

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Synopsis of Case The purpose of this paper is to describe the overall communications strategies of an organization, The Discovery Channel. The paper will analyze how this organization uses digital media effectively as a marketing tool for branding and communicating with both current and prospective customers. The main data comes from research done at the organization website and from other experts in the fields. It is the opinion of marketing experts that in this digital age, an organization stands to gain much more than just exposure, but by using, the various digital components introduce their goods and services to a wider market and over the long run, create a brand. Branding in the digital age requires strong internal communication and …show more content…
They are of the opinion that this can be beneficial for the consumers and the benefits range from obtaining greater efficiency, convenience, a wider selection of goods and services, price competition and ultimately cost reduction. They further reported that the art of communication is a vital part of digital marketing and this is not limited only to the content of one’s message but by creating links with the potential consumer it forges a bond and helps with building brand visibility. Discovery Channel building is aware of this and how it can affect their business bottom line and with this is mind, the organization has effectively embraced social media as an outlet to communicate both with current customers and potentials …show more content…
The authors concluded that utilizing high-impact digital, as an advertisement medium was effective in influencing potential consumer attitude and behavior towards the brand; this is particularly true if this was the first impression. To support the need for organization to use digital media as a communication tool, Dahl, A., Lawrence, J., Pierce, J, (2011) wrote about Pitney Bowes using social media to harvest internal and external customers’ ideas and innovations. The result for that organization was a noticeable increase in employer’s engagement, and improved customer satisfaction. The Discovery Store currently employs all available digital media forum, it runs the gamut from, video, movies, social media sites, Facebook, twitter in additional to having a storefront at its downtown location in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Measurable Success Factors Internet advertising provides the ability to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement. The advertiser is now aware of how many times the advertisement receives a clicks, the numbers of visitors to the site, and what purchase consumers made through the Internet. The digital media is a medium used by businesses of all sizes in their quest: to maintain Market share, to add new customers and to improve their profit margins. The Discovery Channel uses these medium

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