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  • The Impact Of Social Inventions On Society

    When one thinks of an invention we can imagine and pick out examples of wonderful and animate objects that have made a positive impact on society and the community. In many ways the inventions that have been created over history have contributed to the beneficial evolution of humanity, such as health care inventions like vaccines or technological inventions such as cars or phones. The important aspect is that these inventions focus on creating objects in particular that ease the way in which society functions, but not all inventions have achieved this positive impact. Two themes easily overlooked on the subject of invention itself is the difficulty of achieving a useful invention in order to revolutionize and better humanity and the idea that despite good intentions these inventions…

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  • Chopsticks: The Invention Of Gunpowder

    a pair of knitting needles is no way to capture food?" (Gunpowder quotes), this quote talks about how the Chinese made many great inventions like gunpowder. Gunpowder is very important because it created a weapon of mass destruction that was easy to make. Gunpowder was first invented by the Chinese in 850 A.D.. Gunpowder was originally discovered during experiments. The Chinese alchemist encountered that a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter burns very fast, so they put…

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  • Nature Of Innovation In Comparison To Invention

    Define innovation and explain the nature of innovation in comparison to invention. Definition: “The procedure of deciphering a thought or development into a decent or administration that makes esteem or for which clients will pay” Innovation is the "formation of an item or presentation of a procedure surprisingly." Thomas Edison was a creator. Invention happens when somebody "enhances or makes a huge commitment" to something that has as of now been concocted. Steve Jobs was a trend-setter.…

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  • Analysis Of Daughter Of Invention By Julia Alvarez

    The Mother’s Rebirth The story “Daughter of Invention” by Julia Alvarez is about self-renovation/rebirth which Alvarez examines through conflict. “When we no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” –Vito Frankl. Frankl’s point was often you must change yourself or an aspect befitting your predicament. What I’ve observed is each character goes through a change/renovation. Each developing differently based on their experiences and circumstances. In this essay,…

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  • Whitcomb Lee Judson Inventions

    Throughout Human History many inventions had revolutionize the world. Many of them were known for their complex and inconceivable process in the invention development but there are others that surprise the world not because of their complexity but because of their simple design yet couldn 't live without them. Along with the pencil and many others there is an invention that is often used for its simplicity but is still undetected by people’s eyes. The zipper is one of them, Elias Howe who…

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  • Alexander Bell: The Rise Of Inventions

    Since the primordial times, the humanity felt the necessity to devise tools that would facilitate their daily activities. In a time where the world was craving for new devices, the inventors appeared. However, the rise of inventions is not limited to today’s world, and to understand that we should first define what an invention is. From my understanding, an invention is nothing more than a complex process of creating a new device; to rephrase it, when someone invents a tool, he or she is…

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  • Eli Whitney's Inventions: The Benefits Of Machines

    hated Edison for his idea. As W.H. Auden wrote, “Machines are beneficial to the degree that they eliminate the need for labor, harmful to the degree that they eliminate the need for skill.” This aptly summarizes the last couple of centuries when machines took over the workplace of many around the world. In the light of these few historical inventions that replaced workers, one could think about the more recent inventions. When George Stephenson completed the first steam engine train in 1814,…

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  • The Telephone: The Invention Of The Telephone

    People have always needed to communicate with each other, and the invention of the telephone has changed the human life. Today we have a very advanced telephone but it all started 140 years ago with a simple microphone. Year 1876 Alexander G. Bell received his patent on the telephone. This was a revolutionary invention that awed the general public. Only three days after filing the patent Bell called his assistant Mr. Watson from a nearby room and said the famous first message on the telephone…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired the world around him. Alexander made a system to teach the deaf to speak. In 1874, he thought to invent a telephone for the people to communicate. Bell married a woman named Mabel Hubbard. The deaf could now gain knowledge because Alexander taught…

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  • Robert Rodriguez's Some Inventions Stick Others Roll

    Some Inventions Stick Others Roll Robert Rodriguez’s “Marketing New Inventions” is an essay about inventions not going the way people envisioned. The first example Rodriguez gives is the mother and daughter Fresno duo, who were the first to invent the hide-and-seek Hayley doll, a product that made itself known on many nations’ largest toy stores. However, hide-and-seek Hayley became obsolete once Care Bear came out with their version of the hide-and-seek toy. Getting idea’s stolen is common…

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