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  • Theme Of Trauma In Rebecca West's 'Return Of The Soldier'

    Throughout the novel The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West, Kitty Baldry experiences trauma that is constantly controlled by characters who perpetrate patriarchal ideas. Since the death of her son Oliver, Kitty continues to return to his nursery, the symbolic space of this tragedy, in order to repress her trauma and attempt to find new purposes for the room since her husband Chris will not let her change it permanently. Chris’ cousin Jenny also functions as the narrator of the novel and she controls Kitty’s trauma by mocking it and creating a biased characterization. Chris and Jenny take control of Kitty’s trauma by ignoring her experiences and not allowing her to have control over Baldry Court. Kitty’s failure to repress the trauma of…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Return Of The Soldier And Pale Rider

    being so prevalent in everyone’s daily lives, there is also the feeling of needing to contribute to the war effort, or at least keep up appearances, however unwelcome it may be. A transition exists, from characters believing that the war will run its course to the realization that there may be no future outside of the war in its effects for many of these characters. The majority of the time, the intrusion of war into daily life is callous and unwelcome, but must be acknowledged. Jenny in “The…

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  • P. T. Barnum's Accomplishments

    Barnum’s economical way of looking at life caused him to make even more money off of Lind. He advertised auctions for first tickets to her shows, an ostentatious way of showing wealth. The wealthy would buy tickets to the auction just to buy an actual ticket to the opera. They profited off of the auctions more than expected, and were a spectacle event all in itself, saying “the excitement was considerable and the bidding spirited, as was generally the case,” (335). The atmosphere around the…

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  • Gossip Girl Film Analysis

    marriage, and so on. Throughout each episode, Gossip Girl exposes various secrets one by one. The cast is mostly young privileged teens and their families living in deluxe neighborhoods. Serena Van der Woodsen is the fresh, model-like girl who is in the “popular” group at school, but does not care about her status. She is independent and free spirited. On the other hand, Blaire Waldorf also known as Queen B is all about status. Blaire is an alpha female. She is the head of her clique, always…

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  • Chuck Van Der Woodsen: A Short Story

    airborne. He rolled onto the car’s hood, smashing into the windshield. He crashed headfirst on the asphalt shattering onto the ground into an unnatural position. He was unconscious. A crowd gathered and cell phones clicked to life from those calling emergency services. Individuals started coordinating to direct traffic from the horrific scene. Strangers ran to assist Chuck. The EMTs arrived within seconds, as did the fire department, and police. The commotion and blocking of a major highway…

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  • Man Vs. Self Conflict

    fields; however, he is not doing his job. The other being when he is off in the middle of the night in the fields and is finding the gun he hid from everyone. The next morning when Dave is at work was when this conflict first happened to himself. Since he bought the gun himself, he thought that he should have been the one to test it out, and of course he did when he was at work. It goes all wrong though when he goes to fire and he gets too nervous and ends up shooting his bosses’ mule. The…

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  • An Analysis Of Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why

    But Jenny was driving while drunk - and she knew it. She ran into a stop-sign, knocking it over completely. When Hannah said that they should call it in to the police, Jenny got upset and kicked her out of the car and sped away. Hannah never did call it in, so later that night, there was a car crash and it resulted in an old man dying. This made it feel like it was all Hannah’s fault, if she had called it in, no one would be dead. And the reason why she didn’t call it in was because of Jenny. On…

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  • Quaker Oats: Branding Challenges: Quaker Oats

    Build intensive distribution Build more intensive distribution Go selective: phase out unprofitable outlets Advertising Build product awareness among early adopters and dealers Build awareness and interest in the mass market Stress brand differences and benefits Reduce to level needed to retain hard-core loyals Sales Promotion Use heavy sales promotion to entice trial Reduce to take advantage of heavy consumer demand Increase to encourage brand …

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