Man Vs. Self Conflict

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Dave Saunders has a very unique couple of days in “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” where he is a part of a man vs. self conflict through working in the fields and his adventures at night. This story revolves around Dave, the protagonist, basically being denied the fact of him being a man and not a boy anymore. Three people are doing so, and they would be his mother, Joe (the owner of a local store), and Jim Hawkins (the man that he works for in the local fields). Dave brings up the point of wanting a gun and actually getting the gun, which is why these people are questioning him. There are two encounters where Dave has brought up his conflict, plus were brought out over the period of the main day. They involved possibly the two biggest controversies throughout the story. One being when he is at work, and in the fields; however, he is not doing his job. The other being when he is off in the middle of the night in the fields and is finding the gun he hid from everyone. The next morning when Dave is at work was when this conflict first happened to himself. Since he bought the gun himself, he thought that he should have been the one to …show more content…
self conflict can be hard to overcome just because most characters are not able to get over the fact that they are having trouble within themselves. Dave Saunders on the other hand, even though being called “not a man”, faced his own fears, and overcame the troubles from within. “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” proved to have a man vs. self conflict between the protagonist, Dave Saunders and his underlying conflict that was hanging over his head for the majority of the story. He easily brings on the conflict to himself, but is not afraid to admit it and do something about it. Man vs. self conflicts tend to bring the worst out in a character because true feelings get to be released. As talked about before, Dave’s conflicts with himself were brought out in controversial events. Still, Dave Saunders is still not considered a

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