Gossip Girl Film Analysis

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A Television is an important tool that can be found in almost all American households. Many people use TV’s for various reasons, but most enjoy watching something that will draw them away from their everyday life for a couple of hours. With technology drastically changing over time, it is easier for a person to gain access to their favorite TV shows. Viewers have the ability to watch their shows on any piece of technology at any given time, ranging from a computer to a Netflix app on a phone. Therefore, whenever a viewer needs a rush of entertainment they resort to their preferred viewing devices.
There are a number of TV genres that one can choose from. A television provides viewers with news, documentaries, sports, talk shows, etc. However,
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The project lacked motivation, meaning it never started up. After Josh Swartz took over, he wanted to create a TV series instead. Gossip Girl lasted between September 19th of 2007 and December 17th of 2012. It offered six seasons (121 episodes). At the time, technology was becoming more advanced. Therefore, this was an interesting time period for a TV series to make its debut. Josh Swartz felt it was unpredictable whether fans would like it or not. In the beginning, he was scared of having minimal viewers because of the 9pm time frame. After Gossip Girl was aired, it showed positive feedback by viewers. By the season finale, “It was the show’s most-watched (1.51 million) episode and highest-rated in adults 18-49 (0.8/2, up 2 tenths) since April 2011.” (Andreeva) Gossip Girl not only attracted teenagers, but adults were also enchanted by this series. The wide age gap between viewers comes as an advantage to the series because it proves that it connected a variety of …show more content…
The hidden blog queen does not give Manhattan residents their privacy. The blog is always open and desperate for new gossip to be sent by anyone, which will then be publicized by the website. In season 1 episode 13, Gossip Girl targets Serena. While Serena was buying a pregnancy test at a local drugstore, one of her schoolmates happened to be there. The sneaky student quickly snapped a picture and sent it immediately to Gossip Girl. After a couple of hours, the picture was posted along with a hurtful caption. Serena felt embarrassed and aggravated because the pregnancy test was for her best friend (Blaire). Everyone loves the website until something is posted about them. On the upside, most gossip is forgotten after new secrets are being constantly revealed. Later on in the episode, Serena and Blaire enjoy Fashion week in New York City. Fashion week is the most fabulous time of the year for the two best friends who are privileged to study and wear expensive clothing. It was Blaire and Serena’s tradition to watch the models from backstage ever since they were young girls. Blaire’s mother, Eleanor Waldorf owns a luxurious clothing line. Blaire always loves being in control and was more than happy to manage her mother’s runway during fashion week. Her mother makes the decision of adding Serena in the fashion show. To Blaire this meant that Serena took the spotlight away from her.

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