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  • Analysis Of Gossip Girl

    preeminent fashion designer as a mother, Blair is very conscious of her appearance. She wears designer clothing. Even her sleepwear and dress gowns are originals. Blair dresses preppy, wearing outfits similar to those worn by Audrey Hepbum, a renowned fashion icon. Blair hardly wears pants or denim. Instead she prefers professional skirts and dresses, with the occasional colorful tights during winter. Because of her boarding school days, she is known for wearing collared shirts. She expresses herself with bright colors such as orange and yellow. Red, being a color associated with power, is a very common color that Blair wears. Accessories that she adds to her fashion statement are bows, belts, and headbands. Blair has the title of “Best Dressed” and she intends to keep it that way. In contrast, though Serena wears fashion designer clothing, she does not believe fashion defines a person. Serena is big on wearing clothes with many sequins. She often wears blazers and when she adds an accessory, she makes sure it is attention grabbing. The majority of her clothes are form fitting. She tends to wear tight dresses, especially at parties and formal events. Unlike Blair, Serena likes to change up her hairstyle. Her hairstyle can be anywhere from a clean bun, a messy side braid, to a fancy updo, whereas…

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  • Throwing Under The Bus Analysis

    Blair is about to graduate from high school and needs another elite status to overrule because her days of being the queen of her high school are over. Serena Vander Woodsen, Blair’s best friend and nemesis have a complicated relationship of always fighting to be the best, but in the end, they will always be best friends. Their characteristics are always in opposition; Blair is always put together and proper while Serena is more scandalous and free spirited. Blair and her maid, Dorota, discuss…

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  • Gossip Girl Film Analysis

    student quickly snapped a picture and sent it immediately to Gossip Girl. After a couple of hours, the picture was posted along with a hurtful caption. Serena felt embarrassed and aggravated because the pregnancy test was for her best friend (Blaire). Everyone loves the website until something is posted about them. On the upside, most gossip is forgotten after new secrets are being constantly revealed. Later on in the episode, Serena and Blaire enjoy Fashion week in New York City. Fashion week…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of New Labour

    The entering of the United States led invasion was a decision that ultimately led to the embarrassment of the party and leader Tony Blair. If the party were only an election machine it would not take defiant stances on issues that over time could hurt the party such as Iraq did. During the course of the Iraq invasion one can see the support was continuing to fall. If New Labour were an election machine it would not have involved itself in an issue that had major repercussions. This instead shows…

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  • Features Of The Westminster Model

    In the last century, this has been a re-occurring trait, with coalition governments being very rare. The 1940-45 coalition between the Conservatives, who had a parliamentary majority, with the Labour and Liberal parties, is one such exception, but this was largely due to the fact that Britain was at war. The only example of a deviation from a concentration of executive power in one party in the post-war era is the two minority Labour governments of the 1970s. Internal strife within the Labour…

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  • Choosing A Different Path Essay

    finds a homeschooling parent finds a style that fits the family, there are still several curriculum choices to choose from. Knowing the child’s learning style, strengths and weaknesses will be the best indicator on choosing the subject matter. Of course, many will disagree with homeschoolers on the grounds that children need socialization and there are other teaching philosophies that model some of these homeschool approaches, such as the Montessori or Waldorf Philosophy. These teaching…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Years Without Adeline

    hands, “Now this, is going to be fun.” I smirked evilly. As I went for the kill, while staring at her terrified, tear filled eyes, something stopped me. Adeline. Her eyes resembled Adeline’s, Everything about her was familiar to Adeline. No, no I can’t hurt my love again! I quickly released her from the chains on the walls. “I’m so sorry baby. I don’t know what came over me!” I embraced her tightly scared that if I let go she would be gone again. “I’ve missed you so much..”, I mumbled into her…

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  • Homeschooling Vs Public School

    When people think of public school, they think mediocre education and that homeschooling education is ten times better due to more one on one time. Public schools provide an excellent education on top of a wide variety of activities and friendships that kids can build to last a lifetime. With homeschooling, parents have to put in a lot of time and preparation and that begins to wear on the parents, with public school, parents send their kids off for a few hours each day and get a more quality…

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  • Comparison Between George Bush And Vladimir Putin

    Following the explanation of a person stride, comes the clip of the three world leaders trying to fit through a door at the same time. Many people would probably say it doesn’t matter who walks through the door first, they are wrong. In the west, it is based on the politeness of the person, however; in the Middle East it is different because it is based on cultural customs. The person who has the most power or is the highest in authority in the situation will take control and lead you through…

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  • 2010 And 2015 General Election Analysis

    This essay will address Labour Parties electoral performance in the 2010 and 2015 General Election. There are several factors that affected Labours performance in both the 2010 and 2015 General Elections. For example; the economy, the growth in power for the SNP, party identification, introduction of challenger parties, leadership Add more factors. Considering that Labour are formally a left-wing party means that they tend to care more about society than the economy. As a result, Labour have…

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