Friends In The 90s

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“So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your jobs a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA (lil rambents).” “I’ll Be There For You” was the catchy song that would play from enlarged, home televisions on Thursday nights as millions of Americans would join together and spend the next thirty minutes laughing along with the characters from Friends. Friends was a huge hit in 1990s. It piloted it 1994 and ran for ten seasons. The end of this beloved series was like the end of an era, yet it has not ended its popularity. To this day it is still enjoyed by those who watched it in the 90s and is becoming quite popular amongst the younger generations who are now rediscovering this comedic classic. Friends was created for entertainment but instead was so successful that it went beyond this task and is now a 90s relic. Friends is arguably one of the greatest television sitcoms of all time that reflected and influenced the 90s decade and impacted the future of sitcoms. Each decade always has their own unique fashion trends. The ‘90s may seem a bit retro now but some trends are actually coming back today. Recently flannel has rose up in popularity as many men and women wear this returning trend. This 2010s trend actually originates from the ‘90s. “Pacific northwestern bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam were garbed in messy plaid flannels that were both cheap and built strictly for comfort (Bowe).” Bands such as these had the “grunge look” which sparked new fashion trends. Flannels were also commonly worn over a graphic tees. Throughout …show more content…
This hit sitcom managed to win our hearts over with its actors, scripts, and setting but it managed to do much more. Friends not only was a successful sitcom but it captured and influenced the 1990s while also paving new routes to future sitcoms. Friends was more than a show and is arguably one of the best sitcoms to this

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