How Good Friends Influence Your Future Essay

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10 ways how good friends can influence your future
Friends are an important part of our social life. As human beings are social, we need someone to support us and be with us in the ups and downs of life. And thats what friends are for. A friend is someone who can bring a smile on your face even in your toughest times. Someone whom you can trust more than your family and share all your stupid thoughts and secrets with. A friend is with you in all your good and bad times and people with good and true friends are truly lucky. True friends or buddies can have a great impact on your ideologies, lifestyle, career, personality and a lot more.
10 ways how friends influence your future --
1. They are motivators – A friend is the best motivator whether you want some courage for a job interview, exam or just to propose your girlfriend. Your friend can help you practice
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They influence your character – A person’s character is moulded by the company he has or by the impact of the people with whom we spend most of our time. A friend should be chosen wisely as soon you would be doing things that he likes and avoiding things that he dislikes. A good charactered friend will make you a good person.
4. They support you in hard times – Whom would you call first in case of an emergency or a problem. Most of us would call up our best friends in case of an urgent issue. They are the support pillars of our life that stand sturdy during tough times. A true friend would be there with you in any sort of circumstances and will not let you feel sad and lonely.
5. They make our life easy – Life is easy with a friend with whom you can talk and share all of your feelings. Good friends at school, workplace or any other area of life serve as stress busters and help you deal with the issues of life. Also studying or working together can help both of you achieve higher productivity. After all a team effort is better than an individual effort. Friends give you a happy feeling just by their

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