The Outsiders Movie Analysis

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The four sub schools, Social Learning Theory, Social Control Theory, and Dramaturgy can be used to understand a criminals behavior. In 1983 film, The Outsiders, examples of all four sub schools can be interpreted.
The Outsiders is a movie about a group of teen boys who consider themselves to be "Greasers" the boys misbehave, have knife fights, and commit crimes. Out of all the boys, Dallas Winston, is the boldest. Dallas has been troubling his whole life. He 's known for being a delinquent and causing trouble where ever he goes. His pals Ponyboy and Johnny were young men that looked up to Dallas as a role model. If there was any conflict or concern about something the boys would come to Dallas for advice, as the tough guy personality and their
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Someone with a negative outlook is likely to misbehave and not care. Things were bad and Dallas felt as if we couldn 't find a way out. There are problems that come along with being in poverty, like insecurity. When Dallas bullies the little kids in the movie, it is most likely because he is insecure and enjoys seeing other people tormented. Only someone with serious internal issues would go and bother little kids. Dallas clearly wasn 't happy with himself, his surroundings, or the way he was living.

Another motive for committing crimes was the fact that money was tight where Dallas came from and Dallas felt the need to steal and rob from other people. When people don 't have enough money to live they will stoop to low levels. Dallas felt the easy way to get what he wanted was to simply take it.

Social learning theory, social control theory, labeling theory, and dramaturgy are all ways we can interpret human behavior and the reasons why we do the things we do. Criminals are usually driven to commit crimes due to other factors that happen to them in their lives. Dallas was effected in all ways. He lived in a bad neighborhood where crime happened every day, he had a reputation he wanted to maintain, and never had anyone to care for him. These are things that affect a lot of people in real life, not just a character in a movie. Some people are influenced easier than

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