The Curtis Brothers In The Outsiders

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1. The Greasers: the extended family of the Curtis brothers in The Outsiders.
The main characters present in The Outsiders are young men ranging from fourteen year-old to twenty year-old. They are very few adults or female characters in the novel. The Greasers’ parents are dead, indifferent, apathetic or abusive. Most of them have to learn to live with poverty and violence The Greasers share the feeling that they don’t belong anywhere.
As we have seen previously, The Outsiders, does not only tell the story of the Curtis brothers, but it also describes the life of disadvantaged young teenagers from broken families and who are also struggling to survive in this world. Some of them are young men abused in their own home. Instead of finding
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So it isn’t surprising that one of the framework of the novel is about the relationship of the Curtis brothers with their friends. The Greasers formed their own familial unit, with a strong code of unity and brotherhood. Ponyboy defines the obligations to fulfill when you are part of the Greasers. “When you're a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don't stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn't a gang anymore. It's a pack.”
The main characters of the novel are members of the Greasers. Johnny Cade is Ponyboy’s best friend and the second youngest member of the Greasers. Johnny shares many similarities with Ponyboy, but the main difference is that he doesn’t have any parental supervision. His father mistreats and beats him. Johnny barely stays in his house and lives outdoors.
Dallas is another key figure of the Greasers, he has also been beaten by his parents who didn't care about his well-being. He is described as a loner and independent young man. He is tough and doesn’t rely on anyone. Prior to the start of the novel, Dallas was in prison. He only shows care for Johnny and Ponyboy, who he protects and helps on several

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