Biological, Sociological, And Psychological Theories Of Criminality

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Learning about the various biological, sociological, and psychological theories of criminality gave me an understanding of what leads individual’s to commit a crime. Theories of the causes of crime is a growing body of evidence about the factors that place people at risk of criminal offending. Biological, sociological, and psychological theories focus on anatomical, physiological or genetic abnormalities and their contributions to crime. “Biological theories about causes of crime focus on the idea that the physical body, though inherited genes, evolutionary factors, brain structures, or the role of hormones, has an influence in an individual’s involvement un criminal behavior” (Causes of Crime, 2009). Biological theory of criminology explore …show more content…
This theory focus on the influence of the organization of society and social conditions. Sociological theory encompasses a wide range of theoretical perspective; but mostly regarding to crime as social phenomenon. It also emphasizes the cultural and social elements of crime behavior. “Sociological theory look at crime as social problem, and not as an individual problem.” (Boyd, 2003). Social learning theory is when people learn from each other how to commit crimes. Another sociological theory is social conflict theory which involves wealthy vs the poor. Meaning more powerful individuals use their power in order to exploit individuals with less power. Overall, people are not born criminals, it is the environment that they live in that turns them that way.
Psychological theories focus of exploring the relationship between crime and individual personality, social factors, cognition, and the developmental factors. Basically what psychological theory of crime says is that criminal behavior is a result of individual differences in thinking process. Psychological theory focus of the individual, family, group and social psychology. “There are four basic ideas of psychological theories of crime” (Boyd,
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Or what makes criminals different from the rest of us? Biological, sociological, and psychological theories of criminality try to study people’s behavior as well as their mind to figure out what leads people to commit crime. Learning about different type of theories helped me to understand that people commit crimes for many reasons. The way a children is raised by their family has a big impact on how the child will become when he or she is fully grown. Every person learns through observation, but in some cases what people learn can be the cause of why people turn out to be criminals. For example, learning violence and aggression make people feel that it is okay to commit crimes because that’s what criminals were educated when they were young. Overall, there is a huge difference between criminals and regular people, but the impact can be because of different life

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