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  • Reflective Essay On Spending Behavior

    During the course of the two weeks the one behavior that I selected to change was to reduce my spending behavior. My first thoughts on trying to modify this behavior was that this was going to be a stress-free assignment that I was going to be able to accomplish with no problems. Going into the assignment and believing that I was going to only need to put little to no effort into it lead me to becoming quite surprised when I discovered that it was not as easy as I made it out to be. However, once it was actually time for me to begin to change my behavior it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. As the observation week commenced it came across as if I selected one of the most awful weeks to begin to observe my spending behavior. Considering…

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  • Native Americans Vs. Non-English Speakers

    My aunt is still looking a job and practicing her language. In my opinion, as an example to my aunt people should get hired in different places where they don’t need to speak well English with a little of English should be enough. My aunt knows how to read English, but her problem is speaking it. It took her a while to learn so much, but she finally got her first interview at the same store I was working at. Some like my aunt should have to go through so much to learn English and wait to get…

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  • Inspirational Person Essay

    The Most Inspirational Person I Know Being in an unfair world has shown me, that life mishaps should not stop you from achieving your goals. Most people convert it’s hinders into motivation for their next adventure, while others let it permanently stop them. Those who look at those mistreatments as success usually have someone in their life that overcame life barriers. Everyone has a different experience or person in their life that makes them either better or the same. In my case I have a…

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  • Narrative Essay On Lana Del Rey

    Most of the times I decide to stay quiet and turn the other cheek, but during the summer I decided to step out of my comfort zone. In April my boyfriend bought us tickets to go to the Ohana Music Festival in Dana Point California. This was the present he gave me for our three year anniversary and it was the best thing that anyone has ever given me. I was extremely excited because my all-time favorite singer, Lana Del Rey was going to perform. I absolutely adore her and I never thought that I…

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  • Choice Of Destiny Essay

    Bryan. Last two weeks ago, I remembered I was about to have a nice and plentiful dinner outside with my parents. Unfortunately, things didn’t go that smooth as I was expected before. “Pauline, grade 12 is an important year to you, have you decided to go to what kind of stream after graduated from high school?” “My Queen (my mother), as day went by day, I decided to go with Bio-chemistry engineer. And I would like to go to McMaster University as they offer co-op program in which I could gain…

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  • Social Outcast Narrative

    Although I was born in the United States, I have spent the first half of my life living in other countries. As glamorous as that may sound, it is far from that; instead, it had made me feel like a social outcast. All this moving around did not allow me to establish a firm cultural foundation, and I found myself being very introverted, shy, and reclusive; I just never really “fit in” anywhere I lived. To make matters worse, my parents were so oblivious to this; I felt like I could not even talk…

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  • What It Is Like To Live With Next To Nothing?

    piece by piece. I spent countless hours making a budget, and then rewriting the budget, until I finally got to the point where I could make a family of four successfully live off of a yearly income of $24,251. I visited websites I never thought I’d visit and budgeted things I unconsciously assumed everyone already had. The experience was both stressful and rewarding all in one. In the end, it all worked out for the family who is hypothetical in this situation but reflects the real lives of so…

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  • A Short Story: Discovering My Voice

    forcing smiles when I decided I would spend lunch in the art room. “Where are you going?” Miss Moss the English teacher stopped me in the hallway. “The art room, that is okay, right?” I replied, tapping my thumbs nervously on my thigh. She shook her head at me disapprovingly for skipping lunch, however she allowed me to pass. The door to the art room clicked as I pulled down on the handle. My heart rate slowed as I observed the paintings on…

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  • Autobiography Of A Slave Analysis

    I was born 24 years ago as the daughter of a Zeugitae in the city Athens. I had a simple childhood life, learning my education at home from my mother. In the 13th year of my life, I became an adult and was to be married to one of the sons from a neighbor of ours, and left my own family to live with his. After a few years of happily living together with our son, my husband and some of the other males in the city were recruited by the army and sent to war in Arginusae against the Spartans. After…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Most Important Things In My Life

    Something I have realized throughout my my life, is that on holidays, people tend to try to compensate, or help out the ones in need. And although this is a really admirable thing to do, it is usually something that is only done during this occasions. Furthermore, most times, it is assumed that their only needs are the material ones, when really, a lot of people need moral and spiritual need. My school used to take us to poor daycares on christmas eve, and we would be assigned each one one kid,…

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