Perfect Day Research Paper

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Perfect Day
7:30 A.M. I wake up in my king size bed to my alarm clock ringing. I get up and put on my new Voltron Legendary Defenders T-shirt and black ripped jeans. I go downstairs and look out one of the many large windows in my modern mansion. Looking out at the beautiful landscape on my private island. Gorillaz’s “Good Feel Inc.” plays through the house from my personal playlist. I go to my giant bathroom to get ready for today.
8:00 A.M. When I go downstairs for breakfast, I see that my roommates; Kallie, Amber, and Stephanie are already there and waiting for me. We prepare some california rolls for breakfast and eat together in the living room. The living room has the latest gaming tech and a tv that covers the entire wall. We all watch
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The parade finally ended and with no incidents. We all decide to have something to eat as the candy we ate at the parade wasn’t enough to suffice. I decided we should all go to the famous sushi place in Japan called Sukiyabashi Jiro. I had six Spicy Tuna Rolls with four Boston Rolls. I payed for our entire meal with my infidente credit card and we headed to Futakotamagawa Rise, a popular shopping mall.
3:00 P.M. We arrived at Futakotamagawa Rise in about an hour because of traffic reasons. I went through all of the shops and got some shirts, anime, manga, and other items that I haven’t bought as of yet. We also decided to eat at one of the food courts for a little bit. Mark and the other Youtubers needed to get back to their hotel and start packing, so we gave them a ride over.
4:00 P.M. After we hung out at the hotel for a bit, Kallie, Amber, Stephanie, and I, decided to see some of the sights until we needed to go home. We walked to the Roppongi and explored some of the aquariums, art galleries, and some parks. We also decided to party for a bit at a nightclub for a few
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We arrived at the airfield and walked up to the mansion slowly. We were pretty tired after the eventful day and wanted to rest for a awhile. When Kallie walked inside, she changed the song on the speakers to Halsey’s “Ghost”. We decided to eat some pizza as we have eaten enough sushi that day and they were getting sick of it. We had two large pepperoni and one large supreme from Pizza Hut that we have on speed dial. They send it to us from a mini teleporter we have in our kitchen. We sat down and ate on the large glass table that can seat eight people in the two story dining room.
9:20 P.M After the pizza, I grabbed some ice cream from the freezer and left my friends to let them get ready for the evening. I went to my gaming room and watched the video Mark made when we were at the Pride Parade. I was glad we all went to hang out with them and a bit sad they had to go back home, but I will be able to see him later on in life and can continue to watch his videos. I decided to watch some of his gaming videos he made in preparation for the trip to Japan from Los Angeles
10:00 P.M. I decided I didn’t want to have a late night so I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and went to bed in my king sized

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