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  • Personal Narrative: Wake Up As A Woman

    If I were to wake up as a woman I would initially be shocked. I would probably think this was a deep seeded nightmare from the time I had a final on female hormones and their reproductive system. I would get up from my bed and look at myself with both a sense of fascination and horror. I would honestly be intrigued as to how something like this happened. I’d eventually find no reasonable explanation and give up, chalking up all my memories of being a male to being one really realistic dream. I figured in the end it didn’t really matter, why would it? Male or female, I’ve still got my life to live. Little did I know that due to a whole different set of stressors in regards to low self-esteem, expectations set by peers, and society’s harshly idealistic view of women, my female version would be in for a big surprise.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Makes You Stronger

    “Life is hard, but take it ten seconds at a time because everyone can handle ten seconds”(Schmidt 2015) when that ten seconds is over we get to start all over. My life was never a walk in the park, but it always made me a brighter person.I was always the girl who bad things were happening but I could never let these things get in my way. I always knew I could build myself from the things that were happening in my life. These helped me be the better and brighter person I am today.From my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Influences

    Life Influences Everyone is born without an identity of who they are and it is slowly developed as we grow. From when we are born to grown adults we take in everything around us which molds and shapes into who we are. From everything in our lives we all have those couple of things which consider the biggest influences in our lives. Whether something as simple as a book, movie, family member, or a person we briefly knew that touched our lives like nothing else has. Personally a film and two…

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  • Cricket And Identity Essay

    peoples, sports have been one of the reasons that are shaped identity. For me as well, I started playing this sport at the age of eight and I still remember that at first, I used to play in front of my house with my brother and a few fellow friends. When I started playing the ball game, I didn’t know much about the rules, but still I used to play and always try to learn more about this game. When I turned 11, at that time, I used to bring water for a player to drink in…

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  • Happy Life Believe

    I Believe Happy mind, happy life is a saying to live by. Once you push the negative out of your life and think positive and happy, life will be so much better for yourself and others around you. I believe once you have a happy mind, you have a happy life. At the end of my sophomore year, I was stressing about every little thing you could think of to stress about. Summer was right around the corner, finals were starting, softball was starting, I was trying to manage a job that I so badly wanted…

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  • Reflection On Where I Lived And What I Live For

    I see myself in Walden because I have realized, upon reflection, that my conclusions from facing the meanness of life mirror Thoreau’s conclusions in Walden. In “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”, Thoreau explains his motives for the unorthodox move to Walden Pond. Thoreau went into the woods to “drive life into a corner”, “live deliberately” and “publish the whole and genuine meanness of it [life]” (74). With these goals in mind, Thoreau entered an environment with obstacles requiring him to…

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  • Robert Fulghum Credo

    In the essay “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum is a personal essay and was written in 19494. A credo is a personal statement of belief.The purpose for writing credo is because Robert Fulghum thought that they would solve life’s problems. Also all you really need to know how to live and he thought that it helped you have a meaningful life. Robert Fulghum shortened his work over time to get it as simple as it can be so that it is easier to understand the…

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  • Know I Learned In Kindergarten

    occurrence for children in America. The story “All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten” is a story that has a lot of truth behind it. In kindergarten you learn numerous things. You learn how to play with others, how to always clean up after yourself, how to properly take care of your body, and even the worst one of all that everyone dies sooner or later. Kindergarten is said to be the most important grade in your whole life. There are two key points that you learn in…

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  • Bucket List: The Three Things To Do Before I Die

    this is what I want to do before I die. Some people set goals and others simply say they are just going to grab life by the bootstraps and go for it. Everyone tends to make plans for what they are going to do in their lives, but do they really ever consider what they might miss out on if they were too die right now. Everyone has goals they want to reach and things they want to do and that is why the set up a bucket list. I personally only have three things that I would really like to do; I would…

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  • Individuality In Angela's The Giver, And Frank Mccourt

    Individuality Individuality is such a rare and incredible quality to have. So many people in today`s society all try to be just like their favorite celebrity for someone else, however that is not the case with me, I try my hardest to be like nobody but myself. Lois Lowry`s The Giver, and Frank McCourt`s novel Angela`s Ashes, inspire me to life my life for myself and with a sense of individuality. I believe that a major part if being yourself, is that you make choices on your own. It is such a…

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