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  • Nursing: A Short Story

    It 's intimidating enough to feel the burning eyes of the various doctors in the room watching me, but the sight of the syringe with a large needle in the short grumpy old nurses hand makes me feel very unsettled. "You will only feel a slight pinch in your arm okay." Said the nurse while she grabs my upper arm and tries to find the dot she drew on my arm earlier camouflaged in the faint freckles up and down my arm. I take a deep breath as she brings the syringe , filled with the "magical" bring purple serum, closer and closer to my skin. I clench my jaw as I feel the needle pierce my skin while the serum is injected into me. When I hear the sound of the syringe being placed onto a tray I turn to face the nurse who instantly says, "That 's it all done. Now I want you to explain exactly how you feel, if you 're experiencing any changes at all." This is it, 5 weeks of briefings and hopeful doctors have lead up to today, the moment of truth. But no matter how many briefings I’ve had, nothing has prepared me for this. The area where she injected me is starting to heat up , now it’s uncomfortably hot, ow ow ow make that burning. My entire arm from my shoulder to the tip of my fingers is burning. “My arm, it’s burning!” I say loudly, startling everyone in the previously dead silent room. “Ah yes, a change of temperature is expected it should settle at one temperature soon enough.” She said while writing some notes, the spectators do the same. I try to lay perfectly still as…

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  • Rebekah Joan Boley Interview Essay

    Rebekah Joan Boley, age seventeen, lives in Adrian, Michigan. She is one of nine children in her family and an eleven-year veteran of home schooling. She is a member of Fairfield Baptist Church where she sings in the choir and been a puppeteer. She has volunteered for both Habitat for Humanity and for the Lenawee Therapeutic Riding Program. She has also participated for three years in the Southeast division of CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship). She is currently attending the EMT program at LISD…

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  • Why I Am Adjusting To Life Essay

    Introduction This is my first journal entry and it will be about how well I am adjusting to life in terms of well-being, balancing your priorities, developing my identity, and coping with stress with what I have learned thus far in my psychology course. Adjusting to life in terms of well-being Life! I don’t think that no one person can truly say that they are truly happy and satisfied with their lives to the point of them not wanting to make any more changes or improvements. For me I’m trying…

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  • Example Of A Scholarship Essay

    I have been living for 50 years so far, a milestone I would like to remember forever. Blessed to have been born in a modest family with hardworking parents Celestino and Estrella. They made sure that me and my other 3 siblings Ate Lita, Kuya Perry and Bobby have roof in our heads, food in the table, clothes to wear, school to attend, protected us and kept us safe all the time. My parents taught us the value of close knit loving family. Bisaya is my first spoken dialect was born in Ozamis City…

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  • Telling Me In My Shoes

    Because this is the first informal piece I write in American Literature, I think you should know where I stand on a variety of issues. Telling you about myself feels, by some means, dishonest since the most important thing about me is that I am constantly changing. When I was little, teachers used to tell us to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before we judge them. Yet, I’ve never understood what we’re supposed to learn from a pair of shoes. If you want to know who I am, I suggest taking…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Road Travelled

    The Road Travelled: A Spiritual Life Story I accepted Jesus as my Savior on January 19th on a Sunday morning 12 years ago with my Mom after I had a fight with Riley. I prayed aloud confessing that I was a sinner who wanted to love Jesus and follow Him the rest of my life. The benefit of being a middle son has helped me spiritually- I have had an older brother who leads by example and a younger one who I mentor. And my Dad continues to teach us the importance of public and private prayer and…

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  • Perestroika Reform Essay

    However, perestroika did not occur without consequences. The privatization movement of the perestroika reform allowed for the formation of a new class the oligarchs. The lack of legal safeguards of privatization allowed the mafia, which had the financial means and the political connections, to gain ownership and control over key industries of the Russian economy. “The problem is the economic liberalization in Russia, even in the narrowest sense of legalizing private business activity, is far…

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  • Frankenstein Movie Vs Book

    Frankenstein, “…wasn't expected to be a popular film, much less a breakout role for the unknown actor”, Boris Karloff, also known as Frankenstein ( James Whale, and starred Colin Clive and Mae Clarke, which is based on the best-selling novel, Frankenstein, written by Shelley, released Frankenstein in 1931. It is a story of a young scientist trying to create life after one has died and the struggles and drama that come along with that. Even after 86 years, Frankenstein is still…

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  • Mikhail Gorbachev: Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Democracy

    Ukraine again, but it was too late. Mister Putin won’t backup so easily. Not after the reinforcement of Russian troops and heavy machinery guns. Russian military were able to strangle a revolt less than in a week. Crimea left with no other chances than follow Kremlin’s orders. So why would 96% of population vote for the approval of referendum and 6 month later radically change their desertion? The answer is simple: Putin’s New Soft-power Media Machine, propaganda. In Russia, treads of…

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  • Similarities Between Grendel And Frankenstein

    When one is asked to think of their idea of a monster, they usually come up with something along the lines of no emotions, no remorse, and pure disgust. On the contrary, two prominent novels in literature, Grendel by John Gardner and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, claim that monsters can indeed show emotions and the ability to reason as a normal human being. Both novels introduce a physically hideous monster on the outside, isolated from the rest of the world. These two creatures are shown to…

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